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    i7-3770k in a HP Pavilion p6-2022uk

    Will a Intel Core i7-3770K work on this motherboard: According to HP it requires i7-2xxx models but I am from the understanding it's the socket LGA1155 which would dictate this. Any advice would be greatly...
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    Solved: Simple Copy script

    On my Windows Server 2008 R2 machine I'm trying to copy a file from one directory and replace/overwrite the existing file in another directory. So my idea was to right a batch script and put it into task scheduler to run every hour. The batch file script: copy <P:\folder1>\index.html...
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    Content Slider: Automatic transition

    Hi All I'm currently using a template for a content slider that will move 4 slides on a webpage. Currently its manual as a user would have to press a button for the slide to change. How would I change the JavaScript so that each slide will change after a set time and for it to loop. Many...
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    Cant ping but can RDP, FTP and all normal funcationality.

    Update: The windows 2008 Servers can ping other non Server 2008 hosts but not 2008 Server themselves.
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    Cant ping but can RDP, FTP and all normal funcationality.

    I noticed that my servers were set to public network so I switched it to home network so currently all hosts that I'm troubleshooting with have been set to home network. I select turn network discovery on and save changes. Ping still fails. I go back in to check network discovery and its gone...
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    Cant ping but can RDP, FTP and all normal funcationality.

    Hi have a very peculiar problem. I cant seem to ping any IP address or DNS on my network but can RDP or access shared files. My network is using a Netgear router which I have changed just to rule that out. I have about roughly 5 physical hosts (additional 10 virtual hosts) and about 5-10...
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    No Audio found in Win 2000 server

    Also your audio driver is normally disabled by default.
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    Time Server?

    Sorry for the delay I'm just playing around with virtual servers, server environment, different server roles and the connectivity between them. Thought the best way to learn it is by just doing it. All servers are windows 2003. I do have a domain controller and all servers are on the domain. To...
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    Time Server?

    Sorry. Typo.
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    Time Server?

    I have a machine running Oracle VMware. With 5 Virtual machines on it. They all seem to be running on the wrong time. When I reset them all manually to the right time they eventually become out of sync. What's the easiest and most efficient way to solve this?
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    Two lan connections

    The work connection has to be DHCP and I dont have reasonable access to our firewalls.
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    Two lan connections

    Can you have two lan connections (both physical) on a computer. One connection a work connection with various proxies and restrictions and another lan connection which is unrestricted. I want to create a vm which only uses the unrestricted connection(bridged) but for the rest of the computer to...
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    Emails wont send because my server has a Dynamic IP address

    Tried both comcast and cox and they don't accept unauthorized users :(
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    Solved: Recieving duplicate emails.

    Thanks etaf. That seems to have resolved the issue. Thanks for your help.
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    How to define between two network connections

    Is there a way around this without using a static IP address?