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    Local chat (Lan)(windows 2000 proffessional)

    Hello Thi's Renu, Here's Local area network for windows 2000 proffessional from client system , can we chat with other client systems, is there any permissions required from ADMIN ...r not required... Please give me , all the possibilities . 2. I's there any...
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    Bios Password

    Hi this's Renu.... For all types of BIOS , if the password was set to bios .... and if there's chance to forget password.... how can we break the password to enter into OS Let me know the process to break password manually.... without any third party utilities..... I HAVE...
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    Hi...this's Renu i have dual boot of (win98 & winxp professional) Those operating systems are in drives c:\win98 , d:\winxp i mean i have installed O'S like that.... i just formatted the WINXP by mistake i don't want to use that OP... But , problem is i'm...