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    Suggestions for Speakers for my PC?

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    Need help choosing RAM
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    Need advice on this monitor

    Yeah it’s the same one Also Costco has that GENEROUS return policy But it looks like a keeper(y)
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    Need advice on this monitor

    Used to have dual 27” monitors (Dell) sold them and just have a 32” now.....a lot better do u have a Costco card"-class-ultragear-fhd-gaming-monitor-.product.100682236.html great price for what looks like a good monitor
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    Dropped my pc

    Post some pics...... that would help
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    Computer crashes and Blue Screen
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    Computer crashes and Blue Screen

    run a memory test with memtest will make a bootable usb drive then run a harddrive test d/l this from your HD mfr ie seagate, western digital etc (if its a HDD)
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    Computer crashes randomly

    corsair ram does as mentioned above carry a lifetime warranty........ BUT now corsair wants to see a sales receipt for proof of purchase!!! just went thru this
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    Help to install Samsung 970 EVO 250GB SSD M.2 NVMe

    you would have ONLY the m.2 drive installed...... pull the cables from any other harddrives (with computer off ofcourse) then insert the usb drive with the windows 10 install ....power on, it will boot to the usb and start the windows install....follow the prompts
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    Should I upgrade Monitors?

    Need new memory too
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    New mouse is sluggish

    Try a different usb port If issue persists return it and try maybe a different brand...... Logitech??
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    Need Help with PC Build

    are u talking about a raidmax cobra??? if so raidmax are junk, even the reviews are bad here the raidmax doesn't have a 8_4 pin power plug to the cpu?? the corsair rm series on the other hand is great ...does that...
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    Need Help with PC Build

    you mean the 8+4 ............12 pin....right??
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    Corsair warranty

    I have to update this post Now after complaining to the Corsair rep They have decided to give me a onetime “courtesy replacement “ confidence restored......👍
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    Corsair warranty

    well I know that........ but this was along time ago and can’t remember where I got it A big reason to buy Corsair ram is the “lifetime warranty” but now seems like things have changed never had to send receipt in the past