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  • when you say "run" do you mean the command prompt screen or the run screen? Either way I went to both and nothing came up can you elaborate on what I have to do to find the other partition? Thanks
    i apologise for the pm, but you are the only expert (win2kpro, crjdriver, yourself) i see in here at the moment. could you please look at my post "i'm gonna give up" as i'm at my wits end here. ANY input, however trivial would be appreciated.
    if you read the first and last post, that should be enough to make sense.

    thanks and apologies again
    I've read your posts you seem to know alot about laptop will not power down completely on shutdown, instead it reboots and displays Recovered from Unexpected Shutdown Message. This only happens upon shutdown or in sleep mode. Any help or direction you can provide would be very appreciated! Thanks!
    I was asking how to PERMANENTLY REMOVE Windows Defender. We know how to disable it- just need to REMOVE it. Thanks!
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