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    usb not found

    Have just upgrade from Me to XP and now my usb ports wont respond to my plug in usb devices ie camera,phone,memory card. the pc just locks up. but they all work fine if I plug them in before strting up. any advice please. is there some software called insert detect (a start program) could...
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    ram upgrade

    I have microstar MS-6340 motherboard with 256 MB 100Mhz Ram and am trying to add 512MB 133 MHz infineon Ram to the spare slot. But it doesnt seem to work. I was told it should be fine!! any advice please
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    usb devices not working

    still no go! when listing software within Me I had insert detection application. but not with XP is this what im missing and how can i get it back.??
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    usb devices not working

    Cheers for your reply, have tried that but still no joy! any other ideas?
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    usb devices not working

    I have just upgrade from Me to XP Sp2 and my usb devices have stopped working unless you reload drivers etc each time you start up also my usb memory stick will only work if plugged in before strt up or the machine locks when you plug the memory in. any ideas please.
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    usb connections

    I have just upgraded from windows Me to Xp now the computer cant connect usb devices unless connected before starting up th machine ie my usb storage device. any ideas please
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    smartlink modem upgrade to xp

    Hi , anyone know if my smartlink modem software version 2.84.00 used with windows Me will upgrade to work with xp? :confused:
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    upgrade to xp

    Hi . Anyone know if microsoft office 2000 profesional and Worksuite 2001 currently used with windows Me , will still work if i upgrade to XP? :confused:
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    Record lp's to Cd

    I'm trying to record my lp's onto (modern) cd via the pc. but cant seem to find any decent software to do it with.! any ideas please
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    Copy LP's to PC

    What software do I need to be able to copy my Lp's onto my pc to enable converting to CD. preferably free or very cheap!!
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    convert works database to ms access?

    I have a databace in works database .wdb and need it to be a ms access .mbd file how can i do this seemingly simple task please?
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    Backups in windows Me

    Hi again Do I or do I not have a backup facility inbuilt with Windows Me?? I have found MSBACKUP help files telling me how to do backups but cant find the application If I dont have this where can I get it? Or is there any other FREE software I can use to backup my machine I only want...
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    display dvds to tv from pc

    Hi . I have an 's' multi pin connector , a phono video out connector and a 3.5mm jack audio socket on the back of my pc. Which i am connecting to my TV via a 3 phono scart connector and relevant cable. I think the bit I cant find is the place to "turn on" the output?? perhaps you could tell...
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    display dvds to tv from pc

    I am still trying to connect my pc to my tv via my tv card i have the correct cables , but am unable to "turn it on" it has been suggested i need to turn it on via the display options in the control panel but I dont appear to have this option , (even if i connect up before firing up the pc)...
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    cant watch dvds on TV

    I have a tv card in my pc with a video out phono socket and a 3.5 mm jack socket. my tv has 3 phono sockets ( 1 video and 2 sound?) why when linked can I not see what is on my PC?? Do i have to enable the card to output to the TV Please help .my video machine is broken and it would be nice to...