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    Mods how do you cope??

    You still have your left hand Blackmirror?
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    Solved: New Desktop

    What would be your price range Dan? Did you want the new Vista OS and if so which version?
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    If you restored from a June restore point then back to a point in the future you will get everything back that was installed, changed, etc. between the 2 points. Stay away from using system restore while you have a HJT log posted! Fix the problems in the log and then go on from there if the...
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    USB Ports DEAD !!

    I would look in XP's event viewer and see if anything is logged in there about this service database is locked error. Could be a service that is disabled.
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    Advice on optaining inexpensive LCD monitor

    Many 20" LCD monitors can be had for under $300. Do a google search-
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    Uninstalled Rootkit Unhooker, laptop is now useless

    I would boot into safe mode and try the last known good configuration option.
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    Is Dell really that bad?

    Most hardware related problems I've seen have to do with E-Machines. As for Dell's you can now opt out for the bundled software that comes with them which can cause some headaches for end-users.
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    Unmounted Boot Volume

    I would try resetting the BIOS to factory or default settings as a first attempt in recovering from this.
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    I lost 10 GBs of space today...

    Could give CCleaner a try and see how much real estate you reclaim on your HD.
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    guide about ram

    This might make it easier to find the right RAM. Doesn't have to be Crucial RAM but it will tell you what specs will work for you. Corsair is good and I use it as well.
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    Best Computer Magazine

    Depends mostly what your interests in the field are. For general info PC World is good. More indepth info on the technical aspects of this subject CPU would suffice. For entertainment I like Phrack Magazine.
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    Fry's GQ brand

    Was there also an option to save the default settings in the BIOS after you reset to default values? This may why you have to keep repeating this exercise.
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    defragment uncooperative and needs to die

    Try Diskeeper lite for doing the defrag. It's a free download.
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    Usually the first thing one would try is to reinstall the program(s) then attempt the uninstall.
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    Is Lavasoft Ad-Aware the worst application for Tech help in the World?

    That's odd you would recommend Spyware Doctor nod32. I find Nod32 :up: to be an excellent product for stopping spyware being downloaded on my computer.