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    How to setup Outlook on an Android

    Looking for guidance to setup (Get Outlook to Work) on my Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, Android Ver 11. I've been to US Cellular, no help. I contacted my ISP provider(TDS), no help. After I enter all settings it will produce "Sever Error". Thanks in Advance Ripcord2
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    CCleaner doesn't remove an entry in the Registry

    My Dell Laptop Latitude E6510 is on Win 10 Ver 20H2, OS Build 19042.1110. Running the Free Version of CCleaner 5.83.9050 it will find the same error when I run "Scan for Issues checking the Registry". I'm just looking for the correct/safe procedure when running regedit to correct/fix the...
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    After upgrading to W 10 I have to select UEFI to bootup.

    After I upgraded my Dell Latitude E6410 to Win 10 Pro, if I have a need to restart and or power-cycle I have to go into System Setup>Settings>General>Boot Sequence>Boot List Option and select UEFI. Selecting UEFI then allows the Laptop to boot up to W 10 W/O any problems. Upgrading to W 10 I...
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    Solved Free W 10 download from cnet

    Below is the link for the free W10 from cnet
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    Solved Free W 10 download from cnet

    The link to download W 10 via cnet is this a full W 10 download or is it missing certain features/limited features? Thanks in Advance
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    Solved Getting error code (0X80070003) for W 10 Build 1903

    I'm getting the error code (0X80070003) attempting to download Build 1903 for W 10 on a HP G3 Pro Desk. I'm logged on the "Administrator" and settings for Group Policy are set correctly. The HP G3 Pro Desk has successfully updated 19 other updates with no problems just the error for Build...
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    Solved Checking my LAN Download and Upload speed at home

    Can someone recommend an Utility/SW I can use at home to check/monitor the speed of my ISP provider? My ISP provider has provided a link/SW but I like to have a second source to check the speed. Thanks in avdance Ripcord2
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    Solved Back Up software

    Thanks for the replies.
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    Solved Back Up software

    I should of provided some details. My co-workers are in different states. We work for a private company we are not a government/state employee. None of us are on the same/shared network/domain. The state I work in have the Biometric devices are on a connected/contained network that submit...
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    Solved Back Up software

    My company is now using a HP Pro Desk G3 on Windows 10. My current version of Acronis will not backup this tower. I have co-workers using the Free version of Macrium and Clonezilla. Acronis states on their web site the 2019 version will work with W 10. There are if I re-call correctly three...
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    Solved DVD errors loading W 7 on a HP Pro Desk 600 G2

    I wiped/cleaned the hard drive on a HP Pro Desk 600 G2 using Acronis disk cleaner. Attempting to load W 7 Pro 32 Bit errors are encounter that it doesn't recognize the DVD/CD drive. Viewing HP sites and the Web I haven't made any progress. I have successfully loaded W 7 Ultimate 32 Bit on a...
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    Solved Site(s) to purchase/Download Windows 7 32 Bit Enterprise

    Need trusted site(s) to purchase/download Windows 7 32 Bit, Enterprise Version.
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    Solved Microsoft Windows Services for Unix W 7 32 bit, NFS.

    The PC is running W 7 32 Bit Pro. NFS is only available on W7 Ultimate and Enterprise but is or won't run on W7 Pro. Is there another SW package that will emulate NFS Client on a W7 32 Bit Pro? Ripcord2
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    Solved Microsoft Windows Services for Unix W 7 32 bit, NFS.

    I need the site to download the complete package for Microsoft Windows Services for Unix W7 32 Bit (NFS connection) if there is a Free Version. The PC I'm installing this SW on does not have access to the Internet. I have already downloaded the Utilities and SDK 256 KBytes from Microsoft but I...
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    Solved Replacement for a Belkin F5U526

    I have a bad Belkin F5U526 Fire Wire 6-port Hub. Currently Belkin is out of stock with no status to replace it or to have them in stock. I'm seeking info for a device that has the same specs as the Belkin F5U526. I do not need a 6 port a 2 port will work. Thanks in advance Ripcord2