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    Can't talk to loud when recording

    Hello When I record a video and my voice is just a bit louder than normal it makes a crackle sound on playback. I have tried 3 mikes and all have the same result. I have to set recording volume so low that it's hard to hear and even then have to be careful to maintain a uniform volume when...
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    Youtube works on firefox bot not IE

    Hello If I go to IE it says to download flash yet I have it because the videos work on firefox. Do I down load it again or is there a way to get the flash I have to work for both browsers? Thanks Rob
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    Bookmarks on Firefox disappeared

    Thanks found them.
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    SD card acting erratic or is it me?

    I don't have a card reader PopPicker unless you mean the fax/copy machine but that is working all other things I have tried. toonbear I can use the card slot in the fax/copy machine which in a way is a card reader added to the PC but the slot in the PC doesn't work so I'm wondering why not...
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    Can't put bookmarks in Bookmarks Toolbar

    Hello I am trying to make space on my desktop and thought I would put all Web page bookmarks on the tool bar. I use to know how to do this. I tried different Firefox themes all had Bookmark Toolbars but I cant drag anything to them anything I have to do? Thanks Rob
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    Bookmarks on Firefox disappeared

    Hello My bookmarks jut vanished, not the bookmarks tab but everything I had bookmarked in Firefox. -Does anyone know how this could happen? -Is there a way to retrieve them? -Would putting PC back to an earlier date work? Thanks for any help! Rob
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    SD card acting erratic or is it me?

    Just to clarify the slot in the office machine works every time but the one in the PC which is almost new only works some times.
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    Basic saving of files to DVD driving me crazy.

    Hello I just wanted put some data onto a DVD as a back up so I put in a DVD-R, opened it and dragged files to it from my desk top. Later did some more. It was real slow as well as not opening properly but taking a long time to open if it all, so I opened Roxio then went to data DVD-R dragged...
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    What paper setting saves ink?

    Hello I am trying to print colorful pics on semi glossy paper. I understand the settings that say draft, fine etc but when it says "paper type" like super glossy photo, ink jet or plane paper it doesn't make a visual difference but does one of these paper type settings save on ink? I will be...
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    SD card acting erratic or is it me?

    Thanks toonbear that makes sence. I did find away around it by using the card slot in the copy/fax machine but it just works on rare occasion when plugged into the PC slot.
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    SD card acting erratic or is it me?

    Hello My SD works fine in camera but when I put it into the slot on the PC it only works on rare occasion also I got it to open then dragged pics on to it but when I took it out the pics were gone on the cam and on the PC. Thanks Rob
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    Personalize appearance problem.

    Hello I wanted to change the color of the bottom bar that holds the startup button on one side and clock on the other. When I go to appearance settings I get a square box that won't allow changing the bar color but on another desktop on the same PC a wide rectangular box with large color...
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    Solved: Lying box opening just to bug me

    I did that and it's great not to have all those start up programs in there but the box keeps popping up. thanks Rob
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    Solved: Lying box opening just to bug me

    Well I was able to take out a few start up programs but most of them I din't know what they were. As far as the services list goes I don't know what to look for. Any tips on that? thanks Rob
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    Solved: Lying box opening just to bug me

    Hello When I open a page from my desktop by clicking a short cut a dialogue box opens whit a red X in it and it says "Windows cannot find ....................try again" but then the window I wanted opens up anyway and it works well after that opening new tabs with no problem. I just want to...