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    Possible to use two external monitors with this laptop?

    I have a Samsung series 5 laptop (specs below) with an nVidia 630m card and I was wondering if it is possible to run two monitors in addition to the built in one simultaneously? I have one monitor hooked into the VGA port, and one into the HDMI port. Both are detected, but only one (plus...
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    Laptop won't sleep when idle

    I recently bought a Samsung Series 5 Laptop with Windows 8 (specs below) and at first it worked fine, but now it won't sleep when it's idle. I've explored the power plan options and I'm using the default balanced power plan which is set to sleep when idle for 25 minutes (plugged in). However, it...
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    PC shuts off, has trouble rebooting.

    I've been having a problem as of late, where the computer will shut off completely with no warning, attempt to reboot and fail. The power button light will light up, the fans whirr, but other things don't seem to be getting power. The card reader doesn't light up, nothing beeps, and the monitor...
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    Can't re-install Windows 7

    I'm having all kinds of problems with my computer that seem like they should be easy to fix, yet none of my attempts have proven successful. The computer is a Gateway desktop with Win 7 Home 64bit. It was working fine, no problems until this issue. I have Gateway Recovery DVDs, not...
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    Computer doesn't boot up every time.

    I have an older computer running Windows XP and Xubuntu. I don't think it matters which OS is running though for this particular issue though. The computer works great (for it's age), it's been relatively stable since the day I got it. I can keep Linux up for weeks at a time. The last few...
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    Dial up connection isn't working too good

    I have WinXP and Ubuntu installed. My modem always worked fine on windows, slow but steady. I switched to Ubuntu a while ago, and I managed to get my dialup modem working, but the connection is absolutely awful. My internet will be downloading something okay, a webpage or a file, and out of...
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    Optical Mouse Blues

    I just got a cordless optical mouse + keyboard as a gift, and while I'm not liking it as much as my previous corded stuff.. I feel like I should give it a chance! It's really annoying me, I wonder if anyone can help. It's a HP Wireless Multimedia Keyboard and Mouse. One problem is, it...
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    AVG 7 broke XP!

    Tried uninstalling every AVG thing completely, situation still the same. I noticed the computer seems to take a LOT longer to boot up during the Login screen and before the desktop icon show up also since the problems started. Something appears to be blocking important services needed to run the...
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    AVG 7 broke XP!

    I had an older version of AVG Free AntiVirus installed. I rebooted, and avg asked me to update to it's new version. I downloaded AVG 7 or whatever the new version is, installed it, rebooted like it said 2 hours later, and my computer has fallen to pieces. My taskbar was gone, I had no sound...
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    Star Wars Empire At War Freezes

    SW:EAW freezes on the first screen every time I start the game and I have to restart my computer. All system checks for direct x etc included in the dvd of the game passed, as far as I know my video card is updated. Installation was fine.. no errors. Anyone know how to fix this?
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    Problem with LCD Monitor

    I feared that it might be dead, it's unbelievable that it could be dead after only a year. I've had cheap monitors last 10 years. I can't understand why it would just stop working for no reason. If it is dead, i'm very unsatisfied with the quality of Sharp products.
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    Problem with LCD Monitor

    I've had a Sharp LL-172A 17" LCD Monitor for a year now, and it worked perfectly, but today, out of nowhere while doing regular work, it went black, and the power button light went from green to orange. I've tried everything to get it back to life, making sure the cables are connected properly...
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    Sim City 4 Graphics VERY buggy?

    Good news, updating the nVidia drivers worked and the game seems to be working fine. Do you have any recommendations for the in-game graphics settings to speed things up without losing to much quality?
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    Sim City 4 Graphics VERY buggy?

    AMD Athlon64 3200+, with direct x 9.0c I will try downloading the drivers and let you know if it works.
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    Sim City 4 Graphics VERY buggy?

    I tried setting the "Renderer" to software mode as opposed to hard ware mode, it fixed the graphics BUT the game runs a lot slower, does that help narrow the problem down?