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Apr 4, 2016
Jul 29, 2001
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56, from Somalia of the North, MN

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Apr 4, 2016
    1. BCgreen
      Send me a pm
    2. rocknchic
      Went to the best one ever last year, in the RBC suite with all my friends. It was AWESOME. I don't go on TSG much anymore either. ;) How about you, any cool Wild games lately?
    3. Jiendo
      Hey man

      I got one last set of questions for ya...If you know the answers it would be greatly appreciated....Thank you again for all your help
    4. Jiendo
      thank you for your answer before. There is a slight follow up question in there that unfortunately the other person who was helping me isn't overly sure about. If you know the answer to it that would be greatly appreciated.

      again thank you fro your help
    5. Yorkshire Guy
      Yorkshire Guy
      Hi Rockn, not all Yorkshiremen are stupid, did one of them upset you in the past?
    6. havasufem
      Thx for your help BTW hun.
    7. guhigu
      I've a problem. Suppose if i want to connect a system which is next to my system with a batch file that i ve, i ll be getting the log file of wat i did in my system but i need the log file of the response made by the other system for the respective batch file...


      SYSTEM A------------------>SYSTEM B
      Connection establishment

      SYSTEM A<------------------SYSTEM B

      I need the log file of this response in system A. watever file transfer i make, i should get the log file of response made by system B in system A.

      any soln...?
    8. rocknchic
      Leaves a visitor message just cuz you dont have any yet and I haven't seen you in AGES. Hope all is well. ;-)
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