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  • Hello Rollin,
    Thank you so much for your help on solving my last macro problem.I am stuck with another problem and could help but dropping you note to help me on this. I have macro to send the mail with attachments via lotus notes and its working fine.But the issue is to encrypt the mails.Can you please advise on how can we encrpt the mails via macro using lotus notes.
    Hope you can help out an old sailor.
    I have a large HTML file I need to split into smaller html files whenever the the character string <html> is entountered in the large file. Might you know of any software that can accomplish this task. All software I found splits the file based on lines and not a specific character string.
    Many thanks for your help
    [email protected]
    Hi rollin,

    Lot of thanks for a random selection of rows solution. Works really good. But in some sheets it is not producing consistent results. Say when we select 5 records it only pick 1 or 2 records.

    Can u please help me out in this issue. If needed i will attach those sheets for ur kind reference.

    Thanks in advance

    Rollin_Again thank you for helping here:

    can you please look at my reply?
    the problem is still needing a solution :)
    hey rollin i tried dns flush and lines are good but every1 i have talked to can't figure it out i took it to a computer tech but they've just put it off and just say, "it's weird" anyways if you could help me out i really need it cause my laptop vidcard crashed and now this and i dont really want to flush 750gigs of data if you could get in touch with me and help me fix this i'd be very happy give me a call if you're cool with that 903-821-8046 thanks again ill try to log on when i can if you dont call thanks for any help you may be able to offer
    hi Rillin

    i am using xp with sp3 and it with 945 intetl original board 1 gb ram 160 gb hdd
    i once again installed os now my trading software is working fine i dont now its platform but all rates of stock are change perfect as wel as i can place my buy sell order also but only thing is that browser is not working ff opera as per ur advice i disable all addons but still problem is there pl help me

    Please forward your workbook to rollin_again at

    Please include detailed explanation of what you want and the specific cells that are affected. If the workbook isn't sensitive you should just start a new thread with your problem since you will generate much more response. I will be happy to help any way I can. Sending the email automatically should be easy once I have the details.


    I am in the same boat as the USMC Sgt. I do not have the time to take any excel classes and usually learn by reverse engineering. I need to do some research on VBA and macros. After looking at an example, it isnt as logical as I first thought. What I am trying to accomplish is making excel auto trigger an email to the supervisor when the date entered in a cell is 90 days before the due date. If I send you the workbook, could you help me out? Do you know of any sites out there that are good for learning VBA and macros?
    hey rollin! i see that you're viewing my thread! i need some serious help with the file i posted. any help would be great!
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