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    VBA Array Transformation Question

    When you say "array" are you talking about data in an Excel Spreadsheet that is spread across multiple columns and rows or are you talking about a true code array that is being populated programmatically from the results of a database query?
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    Updating "Find What" in macro

    Please post your code or attach a sample workbook.
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    Unable to delete %temp% files

    Have you tried rebooting your machine before trying to delete to make sure there are no orphan processes running that have the files locked? If that doesn't work I would suggest using a 3rd party program like "Move on Boot" which can be used to delete files on the next reboot before Windows...
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    VBA criteria search for string paste rows to sheet

    Why is your variable LSearchValue wrapped in quotes here? If InStr(1, Range("G" & CStr(LSearchRow)).Value, "LSearchValue") > 0 Then
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    Recording a macro in Excel to hide columns

    This is happening because you have merged cells on row 1. If you get rid of the merged cells or delete the entire 1st row completely it should work for you the way you intend. Regards, Rollin
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    Excel Mailto send hundreds of emails

    Can you provide details on what the email body will contain?
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    Excel Mailto send hundreds of emails

    There are several different ways of sending emails programatically using VBA code. Are you planning on using a mail client like Outlook to send the emails (easiest) or were you wanting to programatically send the email request directly to your provider's email server?
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    No wifi

    Who is your internet provided and what type of connection is it (Cable, DSL, etc.) ? I assume you tried resetting the modem and/or router?
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    Excel Mailto send hundreds of emails

    I"m still a bit confused on what you are trying to achieve. Maybe if you post a sample workbook it would be easier for people to understand exactly what you are trying to achieve.
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    Solved Vbscript to copy Last row from Excel file to new excel file

    Put the following code into a text file and then rename with .VBS extension and then double click it to execute. You'll need to change the file path and sheet name as I've comment below. Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application") 'Change this path to reflect path of workbook containing...
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    Solved Vbscript to copy Last row from Excel file to new excel file

    I assume you will be using this on an ongoing basis? After the VBS executes do you want the new workbook to remain open and visible so that you can manually save it to the location of your choice or are you wanting this to all happen hidden in the background and have it saved automatically?
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    Solved Vbscript to copy Last row from Excel file to new excel file

    Are you talking about a true stand-alone VBScript with .vbs extension or are you talking about running a VBA macro from within Excel?
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    Mobile Wi-fi Hotspot recommendations...

    Dedicated mobile hotspot devices need SIM cards just like a mobile phones and the SIM card it uses will be tied to a specific carrier/provider. If both your mobile phone SIM and the hotspot device SIM belong to the same carrier you will get the same hit/miss signal. If you plan on using a...
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    Windows was unable to connect...

    Do you get an error message when you try to connect? More details please.
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    excel and word issue

    Yes this can easily be done. Do you already have an Excel file that contains a list of all employees along with their respective employee code, names, and salary?