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Nov 7, 2010
Dec 8, 2006
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from Ontario, Canada

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Nov 7, 2010
    1. mayer009

      A friend of mine is looking for a section moderator + support team member for his computer

      help forums.

      Are you interested? Please let me know.

    2. azariah007
      Hay thanks for your help with blender! I noticed that you run PClinuxOS I've thought about making the switch to Linux and tried to once but haven't got the programing skills to make it work currently. And the most popular OS (Ubuntu) always seems to come in 64-bit which my computer can't run so perhaps I'll have to wait a while longer. :-)
      See you round. Baring time zone difference. :-))
    3. Lonelydove
      Hi ROOTBEAR...this the first and think the last time i post here..thought this a help group..i am getting no where...........i just posted same help in site i go in alot..there so me out loads of time...just thought i give this site a try...not happy have to wait and wait for answer,,,sorry life to short to wate..!!

      check this group out very helpfull..........i am om there look out for Lonesomedove.....posts.. carol
    4. Alkison
      Hey I have question.
      Why will the site not let my signature be more then 3 lines?
      It use to be and is no longer letting me?
      Other people have more than 3 lines, any help.

      I didn't want to post a new thread so I would be flooding the site
      with stupid questions about the site.
    5. popps09
      lol made me laugh to though i popp into ur prof to see who was kinda enough to answer me lol so am gonna go perv lol


      be happy
    6. deandude1196
      Your signature about sex made me smile :)
    7. BillGates
      Hello RootbeaR, i like solving computer problems, weather it be malware, spyware, viruses, or just general issues, is there a way i could become a member that can help other people? Like a training course or a certification or something? I'd really like to help.
    8. Prinnylynn
      Lol. I am in the front with dark hair. I am married to my hs sweet heart. But I do agree with you.
    9. Prinnylynn
      LOL, and have we ever run tinot each other before?
    10. allheart55
      RootBear, If you have relatives that love animals, especially German Shepherds, maybe I am a relative. :D We adopted Jax a year ago in July from a no-kill shelter. He had been badly abused and has two metal pins in his rear leg. He is an awesome dog, our first rescue animal. :up:
    11. allheart55
      Hello there Rootbear, I saw you popped into my profile too. :) I thought I come over and say hello. :D
    12. Prinnylynn
      Hello.....saw you popped in to my profile, thought I would pop into yours...LOL
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