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    Phanteks p400a and B450 Tomahawk Compatibility

    Hi, I’m about to build my first PC. However I’ve seen on a reddit post about something to do with needing a fan splitter of some sort to allow the stock rgb fans which come with my case to work. I have following; Case - Phanteks p400a Motherboard - MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX Sorry for the lack...
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    Replacing and Installing RAM

    Hi. I currently have a Gigabyte Motherboard model, F2A78M-HD2. I also know that the ram I am using is ddr3. I’m not sure where I am able to find the Full ID of the RAM. Thanks.
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    Disassemble Of the Front panel and Dust Cover

    I have a Cit Galaxy Evo Gaming Case, link: I was wondering if anyone knew how to take the front panel of where the dust cover is. I have tried taking the side panel of but it doesn’t look...
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    Replacing and Installing RAM

    I’m looking to upgrade my RAM inside of my PC, I already have 8gb inside. Would I just be able to unplug the current 8gb inside and replace it with 2 new 8gb sticks? I wanted to check what to do before I go ahead with anything, thanks in advance.