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    Solved: What are These ???

    Yea!!! I believe we have a winner. Looks like mshabsovich got it to me.
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    Solved: What are These ???

    iPod radio remote?? Scroll down for better view.
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    2 sata in mobo

    There would be no problem running only sata drives. The board is actually designed to use the pata controller for Optical drives and the sata for HD.
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    Windows - No Disk

    Ballbearing, Download HijackThis, commonly known as HJT around here, save it into its own folder, run it save the log it creates and post it in the security forum.
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    Sound warped... Sound card or Mother Board?

    Did you try the newest driver??
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    2 sata in mobo

    If I get your question correctly, the answer is no. Apparently there are boards that require the sata drivers during install, but I've personally never found one. I am typing this on an MSI board with SiS chipset: didn't require it. Intel boards do not require it. Many others are the same...
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    Master PATA drive Slave SATA drive-is it possible

    Leave the pata as master, plug in the sata and reboot. OS will assign new drive letter to the sata and you should be able to see it.
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    Solved: My new comp wornt detect IDE/SATA??!!!

    Triple is again correct......Your manual (Pg 2-13) shows that the first HD should be connected to SATA 4.
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    New Hard Drive Question It will run XP, but will not be very happy doing so. Definitely would need that new larger HD and could use more memory also.
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    Solved: 80 gb only reads 31.4 gb
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    hard drive & RAM queries

    Interesting CS, I don't read it that way. Per your own link, someone has just plain jumpered the 20 gb drive incorrectly. "J50" Makes it a master. Again "J50" makes it a master. A horizontal jumper on pins 48 and 46 is not a position that should be used. The running machine already...
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    Video driver troubles! Can't uninstall...

    Agree with Triple6
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    Video driver troubles! Can't uninstall...

    Remove the Gforce card and try to reboot. If that doesn't reload drivers for the Intel chip, re-boot again and while it is booting repeatedly press F8. It will come into a black and white screen which will give you boot options. Pick the "last known good" configuration and hit enter. That...
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    Video driver troubles! Can't uninstall...

    Compaq Presario, Which model???
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    hard drive & RAM queries

    Why would you want to set a cylinder limitation? Set both drives to cable select, put the one you want to boot from on the end of the cable (farthest from the motherboard), and put the other one in the middle position on the cable. Disconnect the cd rom cable and re-boot. This will set the...