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    Phenom II X4 B95 Compatibility?

    I heard the B in B95 means this was a business class CPU. The CPU isn't listed in my BIOS compatibility, but I heard they really aren't any different from the regular Phenom II's. hence my question, should this CPU work? Would be going in a ASUS M4A87TD/USB3 Thanks
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    help with multi-boot please

    I just made a 5GB partition for windows XP. I formatted the hard drive and installed windows 7, then XP windows 7 made a 100MB system partition. for some reason, that is now the C drive. I tried using EasyBCD to create a multi-boot setup with no luck. before windows loads, a screen flashes...
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    skype crashing w/ BT headset

    I have the latest version of skype, plantronics voyager 520, azio BT adapter I have successfully made a few test calls to skype. however for no apparent reason sometimes skype crashes. it happens within the first few seconds of (attempting) to make the call. going over everything I dont...
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    backup & restore question

    I have a HDD and a SSD.. I'm trying to basically clone the HDD to the SSD using windows 7 backup & restore the prob is when I backup the HDD to the SSD, I cant seem to restore the image to the SSD (since its already on it I assume?!) so do I need 3 drives to do this or what?
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    RAID0 with SSD & HDD?

    I have a 64GB Supertalent ultradrive SSD and a 1TB WD black (6Gb/s, dual processor, 64MB cache) would it be a bad idea to RAID these drives together? I know I would only get 128GB usable space, but speed wise would it work? or would the SSD already be maxxing it out by itself?
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    linksys E3000 folder permissions?

    I have the new E3000 router and have a flash drive on its USB port. my laptop is wireless and I'm trying to copy files to that drive and cant. I can surf the web fine on it, and I have mapped the drive. the drive shows up but when I try to copy files it says "the specified network is no...
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    RJ45 & RJ11 combo jacks?

    nevermind, found it
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    RJ45 & RJ11 combo jacks?

    heres what I'm trying to do on a single cat5 cable: so where its circled I need some sort of jack to tap into the phone line. then at the end to have seperate rj45 and rj11 ports
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    wireless antenna question

    I'm trying to bring my wireless out to the garage which is a metal building the signal is strong outside it, but inside you get no signal I've seen booster antenaas but do those only transmit? I have a WRT54G
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    no display until welcome screen

    with this new one I've been leaving it on since the idle is only 2watts. if I just restart the computer it does the same thing
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    no display until welcome screen

    correct. only changed the monitor
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    no display until welcome screen

    its hooked up with a DVI cable just as my "old" samsung 19" was. the 19" would show everything from the BIOS on. the new monitor doesnt show anything until the welcome screen the video card is Radeon X850XT PCI-E
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    no display until welcome screen

    I just got a samsung 2333HD monitor. I dont get any display until the windows 7 welcome screen so if I wanted to get into the BIOS... ? :confused:
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    no 64bit flash player, 32bit IE crashes...

    so your saying you got the same error with yours in IE?
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    no 64bit flash player, 32bit IE crashes...

    running win7 home 64bit problem is theres no 64-bit version of adobe flash player. so I started using the 32-bit version of IE so I can use flash. every now and then it says "internet explorer has stopped working" ect.. says its checking for a solution to the problem and no solution exists of...