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    Google Not Picking Up Images

    :confused: Does anyone know how to get Google to pick up published graphic images? I work for an online news publication. Google picks up our stories, and used to pick up our graphics. However, since they've reconfigured, they no longer pick up our graphics, and this hurts traffic. Does...
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    installing a newer version of word

    If I install a newer version of Word, will I still be able to access my old Word files? Thanks.
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    Hi - I want to type in French, with the French grammatical symbols. Does anyone know of a program that enables you to do that? I know there are codes that can be used, but that's a hassle. Thanks.
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    French Keyboard Symbols in Microsoft Word

    Hi- I've got an HP Omnibook XE2 notebook, running Windows 98. I have Microsoft Word 2000. I'm trying to figure out a way to get the keyboard to type the French grammatical symbols. I've heard of two different methods, but neither one works for me. One method lists codes that can be used...
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    Temporary internet files folder always empty

    Thanks for your reply. I can view my temporary internet files through the settings tab. I still don't understand why I can't access them via Windows Explorer, though. When I open the folders, there's nothing in any of them. I don't get it.
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    Temporary internet files folder always empty

    Hi - I'm running Windows 98 on a laptop. My temporary internet files folder is always empty. How can that be? Can it be fixed? Thanks, Sevin