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    Nvidia Driver Woes on RHEL 6x Workstation

    System is an older Dell Precision 4600 with Nvidia 1000M graphics card. I am using the proper Nvidia drivers direct from Nvidia on this. I have blacklisted the Nouveau drivers and configured grub.conf for the blacklist. What happens is that the drivers install without error, however, after...
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    All Linux distro randomly freeze..!!

    Hi There and Welcome. One thing I have discovered with newer laptops and some distros of Linux is that if there is "Virtualization" settings in the BIOS, they need to be off/unchecked. not sure why but if that is on, try turning it off and go from there. It also causes extremely clow install...
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    Solved Anyone Seen hewee ?

    Thank You for the update! I left messages with what I believe was his sister and never got a callback. Just happy to know he's doing good!
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    How did you find Tech Support Guy?

    WOW! A few old names in here! I actually found this place through a YAHOO! search back in early 1998. the sight was just form action then with that funny green question mark logo! I participated a bit, then the site changed a bit and then I re-found it and actually joined up running amok in...
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    Hurricane season 2012

    Fortunately, Tampa has a storm repellant shield around it!
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    The Casey Anthony Verdict--was the jury affected by new television dramas?

    Hi Gang! Checking in and this seemed to be a good topic to do it on! Now, being here in Central Florida and having this all going on around me, there is quite a bit of speculation... #1. We all know the Jury was WRONG in their verdict. C'mon, they were so stupid, they couldn't even...
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    Solved: Windows 7 BIG PROBLEMS. :( please Help

    Having worked for several computer manufacturers, here's a bit of advise... Any Time you buy an "out of the box" system there are 2 things you should do. 1. make your restore CD/DVD set immediately 2. Run the said restore CD/DVD set. By running the restore on a brand new system it does 2...
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64 - Force In Place Reinstall?

    Is there a way to have Win7 Ultimate x64 to force a reinstall rather than a repair? Not sure if it's an issue with HDD or what at this point but here's what is going on... I started getting some BSOD errors, then startup errors reporting bad system files. I tried to have windows do the...
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    Do any posters get paid to post?

    Hi Kids! It would have been really cool to get paid to help people... Then again, it's always good to "Pay It Forward" I have actually been a member of this community since 1998 with the old forums(anyone remember the original board?) when Mike was actually out there fielding questions...
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    Solved: S3G Unichrome Drivers / Asus Motherboard

    Aftfer a bit of further research, there appears to be some issues with that particular motherboard and the AGP slot. The Solution: Motherboard has issues with AGP and the S3G Unichrome won't currently work under Windows7. For under $40 I bought a PNY GeForce FX5200 PCI video card and it works...
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    Solved: S3G Unichrome Drivers / Asus Motherboard

    Thanks, Already tried that one too. Also ran everything that melted down or wouldn't work in Compatability as well and still no joy. My AGP slot for some reason doesn't like my Radeon at the system level and not an OS issue so I guess it's time to see about finding a PCI-E x1 Video card...
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    Solved: S3G Unichrome Drivers / Asus Motherboard

    Well, Still no luck... The VIA 4 in 1 Drivers went in once I installed it using Compatability mode... Still can't find drivers that are even close that would be supported. I'm hoping I don't have to wait for SP1 to be released with greater driver support. because I can't even get a...
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    Solved: Can anyone explain this to me?

    On a different note..... My system was running WinXP (32 bit) with Athlon64 CPU and 1 GB Ram(PC2700 of all things). I upgraded to Windows7 Ultimate (64 bit) with the same RAM and CPU... It runs alot better than 32 bit XP did on the exact same hardware. And the install was FLAWLESS...
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    monitor shutting off

    looks like a possible issue with your video card. If the repair shop has it working fine and it keeps losing Video signal when connected to your PC, then likely cause is bad video card. If you are using an actual PC Card Video Adapter, does your motherboard have Integrated Video as well...
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    Solved: S3G Unichrome Drivers / Asus Motherboard

    Thanks for the tips! I'll try them tonight and see if there is any luck. on a side note, the motherboard doesn't like my ATI Radeon AGP Card...already tried that route when I built the system.