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    video cards. lowprofile / halfheight

    By smaller, you probably mean a "Low Profile" card these cases can only accommodate video cards about two inches tall.
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    Where to find Toshiba sound driver?

    That doesn't look like a toshiba model number, but the part number. Your model number should be something like A100-S1234, go check the decal on the bottom of the PC again.
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    Meaning of \\ in a software filename

    This is really dependent on the OS for the device, for all you know it could denote that the file is \maps\usacanada.prm in an package called con-66 on the device sdmmc; best to consult the mfgr on this one.
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    Solved: IBM Viavoice - SMAPI RC = 97 ( USER IDENTIFIER IS BUSY )

    Resolved: the end user was presented with a dialog eng003:an attempt has been made to access a user thats already in session on another machine do you want to over ride the session lock <Yes> or <No> No was the default, and choosing No would, of course, generate an error message accessing the...
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    Solved: IBM Viavoice - SMAPI RC = 97 ( USER IDENTIFIER IS BUSY )

    Receiving this error message when opening the SRE, Nuance is absolutely no help ( Why aren't you using dragon, give us money! ) Believe this is being encountered on version 10.5 on WinXP SP2, but need to get clarification on this from the end user whom I am in a limited rapport with...
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    No Master IDE H.D.D.

    Some SATA connectors have a little elbow in them, this could be the L shape he's talking about @ work atm so can't really get a piccy
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    Pentium D 820 = Intel space-heater?

    Not 100% on whether my CPU is a smithfield, unless all 820s were; when I get home I'll post the model and stepping. I'm getting my information using the BIOS-integrated H/W monitor off of the D945PSN the chip's on. Mount is in an Antec sonata chassis, the version prior to having the airguide...
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    Pentium D 820 = Intel space-heater?

    Ah, well the case is hovering at a nice brisk 38C so I guess I'll either cope with it or pick up one of those copper Zalmans or TT's
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    Pentium D 820 = Intel space-heater?

    Hey, I have a Pentium D 820 and the internal diode is reporting between 68 and 70c. I'm using the stock cooler and it stays around 2k RPM, keep the heatsink pristine, and it's interfaced using arctic silver after cleaning and lapping both surfaces. Unfortunately I do not have any method in...
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    Soundcard issues, internal & external

    Vista made *major* changes to the windows audio system; it now reports to windows applications a separate sound device for each input, instead of one mixer with selectable inputs. Not only that, if the application you are using is going through ACM, the order of the devices is constantly...
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    trying to backup in Vista, but backup fails with error message

    Do you find any more verbose information regarding your error in the event viewer, accessible from your computer management console ( Right click computer / manage / event viewer )
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    I/O Device Error

    I hate to be a stickler, but what does bethesda say about this? If it's specific to bloodmoon's installer I'd say their tech support may be helpful. Are you able to verify that you can still install the product on another PC without error messages? If you are, why not install the product on...
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    Solved: How can i tell if somthing is compacted? how to uncompact? (disk- not emails n'stuff)

    One thing that I can think of that you may want to consider is that in a default windows installation, zip files will appear as 'compressed folders' with icons very similar to regular folders. These 'compressed folders' are merely files with the .zip extension, and not compressed files as far...
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    I/O Device Error

    If it's happening during your installation, try copying the install files to a folder on your windows desktop and running the install from there. Sorry for the long time between replies, I've been out of town
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    Bad Vista?

    Anything can be made to sound really bad by a biased enough party, that article has as much truthiness as it does truth. Now if you think Windows is dangerous to your freedom, you should refer to the evils of dihydrogen monoxide, when combined with the correct combination of cyclic state change...