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    Can you use a XP cd to repair a Media installed os?

    I heard windows Media was a beefed up version of XP. I'm working on a persons laptop, and there having a Logonui.exe error. I want to see if I can repair it. But atlas no media cd. Shotgun
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    Solved: new build "DISK BOOT FAILURE"

    I would like to say thanks. I had the same problem, but I took it one step further after reading your post and used the IDE cable that came with the MB. Also I would like to add that peeps make sure IDE controller is enabled too. Thanks again Shotgun
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    Help, says 2 OS's are installed

    My wifes boss wanter her laptop reformated. Well the laptop had XP Home on it. and the serial for home ont he sticker, but I didn't have a Home CD. I said I can just install XP pro on it if you would like. She said thats fine, So I statr the install, and tell it to do a full install,and to...
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    looking for software to make a restore/recover of xp

    I've searched, and I didnt find any other threads(I think I'm horrable at searching). What I want to do is reformat, then reinstall. After after all updates are installed, I want to make a either restore or recover cd. that way all I have to do is reformat, put the cd in, and boom, I dont...
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    Installing programs under one user

    Is there a way to have programs installed in the in one user only?? I want want to have 2 users a everything user and a game user. I noticed when you install a game under anyuser, all users have it. I want the game user to only have what I need to play games installed, and then I would...
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    Getting started

    Thanks peeps, I saw there was a C++ for dummies all in one book. Would that be a thing to get instead of the C++ for dummies? Thanks again for the replies. :) James
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    Getting started

    Whats the best way to getting started making games. I relieze I can't just jump in and start making big games like Vice city and things like that. But none the less, I want to start making little games. thanks Shotgun
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    Bios Tweaking

    Anyone know a good site for Bios tweaking? or anyother site for tweaking performance of computers?? thanks for any info Shotgun
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    IDE, HD and Cd-rom problems

    Hi all, I got a free computer from my fiance friend. It's a celron 466. It has a 4 gig drive, floppy and Cd-rom. it has win 95 plus on it. Now my problem is, that the floppy is on a jumper called FDC, and the HD and CD-rom is on the Primary. and nothing is on IDE2. Now it loads, but it says...
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    Searching for boot record???

    My second computer keeps saying searching for boot records. searches on FLoppy, Cd-rom and SCSI. Any1 know why it's doing it?? If I put XP cd in the drive, it just wants to intall it. thanks for any help, if more info is needed, let me know. Win XP pro Celron 400 James
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    Uninstalling/deleting windows XP pro

    I was trying to avoid the reformatting. guess it's the onyl way. thanks Shotgun
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    Uninstalling/deleting windows XP pro

    I installed XP pro on my computer. It' s p2 350 with 128 megs of ram. It's slow and sometimes chops when playing games. So I want to go back to win 98. When I installed XP, it was from a fresh install. It was not a Upgrade from 98 or 95. So, do I just have to Uninstall, or do I need...