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    Ge force lockup please help

    clear your cmos, load bios defaults then disable onboard video.
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    System shuts down while playing games

    Here are my idle temps... Sensor Name Processor Zone Current Value 32 Upper Threshold 68 Lower Threshold not applicable Sensor Name System Zone 1 Current Value 24 Upper Threshold 75 Lower Threshold not applicable Sensor Name...
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    System Shuts Down

    Ironic, I also have a speeze cpu cooler for my p4, and my system shuts down all the time from playing bfv.
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    getting a new PC case

    Another option for you would be to buy a case without a power supply and just put your existing power supply into the case you buy. Although 200 watt psu is getting outdated with all the new hardware.
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    System shuts down while playing games

    Hello, I recently built my first system(specs at bottom). Everything works exellent until I play games like battlefield vietnam. After playing for about 10-20 mins the system will either completely restart or just shut down back to windows. My system temps are quite stable so i dont think its a...
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    Windows Media Player wont load

    message should be in software forum
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    Solved: Asus P3B-F will not post. MB OR CPU? Fixable?

    I had the same problem when I built my new comp. It turns out the manufacturer had sent me a bummed mobo. As soon as i replaced it everything worked fine. It sounds to me like your mobo is damaged. :(
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    mother board, advice needed

    That board should serve you well. I have an intel d865perl board with the 865pe chipset and it runs my p4 3ghz flawlessly
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    Tough One

    Try installing another fan there.It sounds like overheating to me
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    "Frankenstein" PC won't work.

    might be damaged motherboard, i had same thing happen to me
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    Fan Question

    What are good healthy system temperature ranges while running a few programs?
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    Fan Question

    Hey, I have a question about case fans. I currently have a 80mm fan in front sucking air in, and two in the back sucking air out. Im putting one on the left side of the case right around the video card. Im wondering if I should have this blowing air out or in. Thanks.
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    geforce fx 5900 crashing

    I have a pny verto geforce fx 5900 card in a pc that i just built. I am new to building pcs(first one). My problem is that when I go to play games on this card it crashes after playing for only a few minutes and my comp restarts. Everything else works fine, just cant play games. I have 4 80mm...