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    Hooking a PC up to an LCD TV

    Hi all, I'm trying to get my tower set up with my LCD TV and I'm almost there. Problem is I'm getting white dots that are spread throughout the bottom quarter of the screen in like a diagonal formation. I have altered my Catalyst settings to match the TV's resolution (1080i) and I'm still...
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    Unable to connect to online games[PLEASE HELP]

    Could be a strict NAT on your router, try accessing your router with the address listed on the back of the router, the user/password should also be there. Search for your security settings and see if you can alter your NAT directly, some routers allow you to alter the strictness. Also check if...
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    Selling a PC?

    Hi people, I'm planning on selling an old gaming PC but I'm wondering how you really put a price on one. So I figured I'd list the specs here and let you share your thoughts. Mainboard: Gigabyte 970A-DS3 Processor: Phenom II 965 BE Memory: 8GB DDR3 Graphics: Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 HDD: 1TB...
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    Network error in ea scrabble

    Hi Kim, If this is happening on two of your devices both on different platforms, I would be looking to EA and possible bugs in the game due to recent update. It might also be that damaged files still reside on both platforms up on uninstall, so even when you reinstall the game, it tries to...
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    Arma 3 Requirements help

    Hi bkjummpan23, You have listed the minimum and recommended but I have no idea what you're running, could you provide your specs please. If you don't know what hardware you're running then you can use this to find out: ArmA 3 is VERY CPU heavy...
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    PS4 + Insignia

    It's a HDTV, most 32" HDTV's support two HDMI ports and the resolution is more than enough for a 32" screen. It should be totally fine.
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    Best LAN games?

    I have played a few LAN games but most are quite demanding. So I'd say try Empire Earth Gold, SWAT 4, Sword of the Stars, Rainbow Six: Raven Shield, Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour (try the Art of Defense maps), Terraria, Diablo 2. :)
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    SGS3 Broken Screen

    Hi all, My Galaxy S3 has slipped from a shelf and the impact has resulted in a broken screen. The phone is powering up as the LED in the top left is working and the boot up sound is coming through. When I unlock the screen (I can tell since the menu/back buttons light up) the phone does not...
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    Solved: Patriot Viper Memory & Gigabyte-970A-DS3 Compatibility?

    Alrighty, thanks for the insight Cody.
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    Solved: Patriot Viper Memory & Gigabyte-970A-DS3 Compatibility?

    Hi all, A friend of mine is wanting to buy two memory modules off me that run at 2133MHz but his motherboard caps at 2000 Overclocked. If he installs this RAM will it just cap at 2000, will he have to clock it right or will it simply be incompatible? The memory: Patriot Viper 2x4GB 2133MHz...
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    Performance Demand on PC Hardware

    Hi Donsor, I'm not sure I follow exactly but it sounds like you're wanting a comparison between the games core gamers play and FSX? The best way of retrieving that comparison is by using one rig to measure FSX to say... Battlefield 3. That way you can benchmark the two and get an accurate...
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    Arma 3 help

    Hi dc13, I'm thinking your graphics adapter is not up to the task of running ArmA 3 but then it could be a Beta issue. Its also likely that when your AMD adapter recovers the game is still running in the background, so when you attempt to start it again, Steam returns the "Failed,app already...
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    Speaker Compatibility (If any?)

    Well that's good lol. Cheers. :)
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    Speaker Compatibility (If any?)

    Hi guys, I'm planning on getting a new set of speakers to replace my old Dell set. I've been looking in to 2.1 sets, but since I'm not too knowledgeable when it comes to audio, I was wondering if there are any compatibility limits. Here's a set I've recently looked over: Creative...
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    ATI Radeon problem.

    Hi Titan064, You're asking how your friends PC is outperforming your own but we will require his specs in order to compare and explain. Listing what games you are playing will also help.