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    HELP! Sound devices going crazy! Here is a video of the problem...
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    HELP! Sound devices going crazy!

    I turned on my computer this morning, and noticed high CPU usage right away.. I didn't think much of it, so I continued and opened iTunes, but nothing would play. So I opened task manager, saw RUNDLL32.EXE running at 50+ % CPU usage. After investigating, I found that in the Sound control panel...
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    Random Hangs - RAID driver?

    Here's a mind - boggler... I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit Here's my specs: ASUS M2N68-AM Motherboard Corsair 750W PSU 4GB Corsair DDR2 800 RAM Sony SCSI DVD/R/RW Drive AMD Athlon Dual-Core 7750 Black Edition Nvidia GeForce 8600GT PCI-E x16 256MB 320GB SATA Western Digital Caviar HDD...
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    Windows 7 VERY SLOW after possible hardware change?

    My Windows 7 Machine has been running very slowly since I disconnected my SATA DVD drive. I went to put it in another machine for a bit, to install Linux on it, and when I powered the Windows 7 Machine back on, it was extremely slow in startup and use. It ran the CHKDSK diagnostic, and rebooted...
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    XFX Geforce 8600 GT on Dell Dimension E510

    An 8600GT should work on a 300W PSU. That's no guarantee, but that's exactly at the minumum requirements.. If you're running other power intensive hardware, like an overclocked CPU, multiple hard drives, or a water cooling system, upgrade your PSU. There are many 700W+ PSU's available for under...
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    XFX Geforce 8600 GT on Dell Dimension E510

    The minimum requirement for the power supply for the Geforce 8600GT is 300W. If you want to upgrade your video card, anything more powerful that what you have now is going to require a more powerful PSU.
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    Switching graphics card leads to no output...

    Try connecting your monitor to the onboard video adapter, then going into the BIOS (Usually by pressing F1, F2 or DEL on the keyboard) and change the default display adapter to PCI-E
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    ASUS Motherboard Software won't recognize it's on board

    I have recently re built my system..(See specs..) When I try to run the Asus Update software, no matter what version I run, it never detects my motherboard. I am running Windows 7 if that makes any difference.
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    Solved: Nvidia 8600GT Running at 90C

    Ok, i went out to BestBuy and bought the Antec VGA slot fan, works perfectly! now runs at 60C under load, around 54C idle! Thanks for the help
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    Solved: Nvidia 8600GT Running at 90C

    Here is a screeenshot of both the Nvidia control panel as well as Speedfan. Both report 55C Idle temp. Also: It seems it only reaches 90C randomly? Sometimes I will be playing a game and look at the temp and it reports 65 when other times it reaches 80 or 90. I can't find a pattern in this to...
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    Solved: Nvidia 8600GT Running at 90C

    I do have the nTune software installed, I have it set to 100% when under 3d mode. I clean out my case about every month, so I do not think that is a problem since I cleaned it out before I installed the card. Do you think an expansion slot mounted fan would be effective?
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    Solved: Nvidia 8600GT Running at 90C

    I recently purchased the PNY Geforce 8600 GT 256MB PCI-E off of for a good deal. It's running great...Well I think it is. Speedfan and the Nvidia control panel report the Idle temp around 57-60C (Which is acceptable) and the max. load temp around 90C. Is this too high? I upgraded...
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    Is PCI a standard size?

    As far as I know, yes all of them are standard sizes. Are you sure you're not trying to install it on a PCI-E (PCI express) slot? These are normally a different color ( instead of white).
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    LCD Monitor Switching off and on

    I had an old HP Flat panel vf15 monitor with the same problem. It was the power inverter (I could hear a squealing noise on power cycles). I had to get it replaced. But before you do that, check your refresh rates, resolutions and video card drivers.