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    In Memoriam

    Dusty Hill played bass with ZZ Top for over 50 years Dusty Hill, the bassist of US blues rock band ZZ Top, has died at the age of 72. Bandmates Billy Gibbons and Frank Beard said that Hill died in his sleep at his home in Houston, Texas. They did not give further details. Earlier in July, ZZ...
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    Alarming sound

    Patience is a virtue - everyone here are volunteers. SilverSurf
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    Missing Downloads Folder my old Grandad used to say, "it will all come out in the wash." Thanks to all who offered help and advice. SilverSurf
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    Missing Downloads Folder

    Hello DR.M and Couriant, What you both suggest makes perfect sense to me, however, you don't know me so I ask for your trust when I say the Downloads folder was NOT checked when running Disk Clean-up. I always view the menu before running the tool. SilvewrSurf
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    Missing Downloads Folder

    Hello DR.M, Yes, I have run Disk Clean-up recently with Downloads unchecked in the menu. In Settings - System - Storage the storage option is unchecked. Regards SilverSurf
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    Missing Downloads Folder

    Hello Couriant, No, not installed. Strange thing though, I backup to an external USB HD every ten to fourteen days. and have just connected to this hoping to find the missing downloads, they are not there! Regards SilverSurf
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    Missing Downloads Folder

    Hello Couriant, Just mine, Default and Public. I am the Admin. Regards SilverSurf
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    Eyeglasses Question

    Hello BearKiller, Be careful you are complying with your insurance policy requirements. Regards SilverSurf
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    Missing Downloads Folder

    Hello lunarlander, I found the folder as per your info, unfortunately it only contained the most recent download. Don't know what happened as I did not delete the folder. Weird or what? Regards SilverSurf
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    Missing Downloads Folder

    Hello Couriant, I found the folder in My PC and copied it to the quick access area, however, all downloads are missing. I have downloaded a program since and that shows in the folder. How do I retrieve the previous downloads or are they lost forever? Regards SilverSurf
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    Missing Downloads Folder

    Hello All - As of today using File Explorer my Downloads folder is missing, any idea's how to resolve this issue? Regards SilverSurf
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    Dell Support Assist Bugs put over 30 million PC's at risk

    Hello All - thought Dell users may want to be aware of this:- Dell SupportAssist bugs put over 30 million PCs at risk ( SilverSurf
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    Upcoming June 24th Announcement About Windows 10

    Nice one. SilverSurf
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    Solved Windows Update Problem

    Hello flavallee - That sorted it, thanks very much. SilverSurf
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    Windows Search Box

    The white text on a gray background is how it has always been (Pic 1). Only recently has it shown as a white background (Pic 2) and when I move the cursor over the Search box it reverts back to Pic 1. Regards SilverSurf