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39, from Florida

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Jan 14, 2012
    1. chinandolls
      I have scans you designated, plus several more posted. Tks for any help in resolving problems.
    2. chinandolls
      Hi, I think you helped with computer problems on here before. Nobody has responded to my posts. Can you look over my logs & help? Thank you, Ann
    3. Gx14
      I was recommended to get your help from a friend of mine whom you solved his problem. I was wondering if you could take mine on?
    4. verero
      Dear sjpritch25 - thank you from the bottom of my heart for your volunteer time you are spending to help me. At this point I would have taken my machine to a shop if I didn't live so far a way from any such option! This means that I am happy to donate to this site once 'we' have solved the problem. It's the least I can do. Your help is very much appreciated!
    5. Raga
    6. koolkarts
    7. nabeelv44
      I was hoping that you would help me . Please can you help me. My laptop has gotten the DNS trojan changer Virus and by seeing how you have helped another person with this virus i was hoping that you could help me and i am a beginner in this please i beg you can you help
    8. Seravieve
      I found the thread where you helped someone with google links redirecting. I am having a similar problem and was wondering if you'd be willing to help me. I've ran the ComboFix that you had him run, and hijackthis but didnt go any further because of the warning you posted on that thread. Any help would be appreciated.
    9. jester7378
      I would notify our IT department if we had one. I work for a very small accounting firm. If you can't help me, I would understand.
    10. sjpritch25
      Did you notify your companies IT department because we generally don't help those with corporate pc's
    11. jester7378
      I am sorry to bother you about this, but it seems that my posting has been skipped over. I do understanding that this is free tech support and I really do appreciate any help that anyone can provide me. However, my work computer seems to have been infected with a trojan and I need it fully functional. The following link is for my posting:

      Again, I would appreciate any help you can provide me with.
    12. maemae
      am new to computer i just built this one when i play world of warcraft i get the blue screen aksfridge any idea what this means
    13. IronHammer
      Thank you for looking into my search hijacking problem. As a side benefit while tracking down the rootkits, you eliminated other problems I was having without me knowing it. So the performance of my system is much much faster. It was worth waiting for someone to look at it. So many thanks. IronHammer
    14. NaomiKoli
      hi i saw that u just helped someone with a problem and i was wondering if u could help me>
    15. sone92
      about a thread for trojan-downloader.win32.agent u posted links for Fixwareout.exe but it dont work not availible so if u can post new links it would be good..
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