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  • thanx for trying,but that only repairs Corel installs. (I did try that just in case). Print preview works in many Apps like Word,Email,etc, I just can't find out how to access it to fix it.
    Thank you for your response to my message about the photoshop mouse. I've disabled everything in my startup except five items. problem still exists. I do however think you are on the right track. I'm pretty sure it is a "enter" key error. because it is the exact same response when I hit the enter key. I don't think its a photoshop error because it did it with cs2 and now I've loaded cs4 and it does the same thing. again thank you for your response.

    This is soslow24. The only part of your instruction thatI understand is to hit the print screen key. What happens next. I'm not a sophisticated computer user. Can you help more.
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