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    Solved: Need camera recommendations

    If you want a specific recommendation consider the Canon SD 1300. When picking a simple camera as a present I usually start with Dave's Picks at Imaging Resource. The SD 1300 is one of his three picks for a budget camera. Other reviews are good as well. Amazon has the silver model for $140...
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    The recycle bin has a size limit depending on your operating system. You can increase that by right clicking the recycle bin on your desktop and selecting "Properties". It works that way with my Win 7 machine and I think it should with other op systems. Before Vista it defaulted to 10% of...
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    Trouble with sd card reader in camera

    The LCD on that camera is the viewfinder. There has to be a switch, button or menu mode for viewing photos already taken or you couldn't see what you are shooting in photography or video modes. Were the photos put on the card by the camera while taking pictures or did you upload them from...
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    help please

    If you go to this link and click on the picture of the keychain viewer you will get the manual and software for what I think is your viewer:
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    Photographing Paintings

    If you'll reread your #1 on your previous post your main objection to the lens was barrel distortion. The dpreview test said: " Distortion is very low at just 0.4% barrel, which will be essentially invisible in real-world use." With no barrel distortion the edges are straight. The only factor...
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    Solved: Black smudge in pictures

    The easy answer would be to send it to the Blackberry repair center, but she would be without her phone for a while and repair costs would probably be prohibitive. If it is under warranty the carrier (Sprint, AT&T etc) would probably supply a loaner or just swap out the phone. Sprint will...
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    Saving/Using Google Maps

    Technically you would need Google's permission, but I think a credit would be more than sufficient. If you would post a link to the web site someone here could tell you how to go about getting your map on it.
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    Photographing Paintings

    You are probably referring to the S series lens which he doesn't have. I think the EF 50mm f/1.8 II has a 1.6 crop factor with that camera. So it is an 80mm equivalent lens. I think it is probably perfect for what he wants to do. Dpreview does a lot of lens testing and that doesn't...
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    Solved: Black smudge in pictures

    I'm sure you must have cleaned the outside of the lens, so it must be on the inside. I've seen similar spots on camera forums and it is usually attributed to a speck rather than oil. A speck on the inside of the lens would probably not be in focus. If something broke loose and lodged between...
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    Solved: autoplay problem

    Did you right click on the device in Computer? A left click will take you to your folders and photos, but it takes a right click to reset autoplay. Perhaps someone with Vista can tell you exactly where to go after you right click, but autoplay is there somewhere if the pictures are available...
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    Photographing Paintings

    Raw requires you to just get the focus and exposure correct. Adjusting your color temperature in the software is exactly the same as adjusting it in the camera. Getting it a little warm or cool isn't a big deal if you are shooting raw. Shooting raw also allows you to stay in 24 bit using...
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    GE xD Picture Card Problems

    The process varies according to your operating system. You need to get to "Computer". In XP: Start > My Computer. In Vista: Start > Computer. In 7: Start > Computer > Computer. Your device will be listed there as a removable storage device or maybe mass storage device when it is plugged...
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    Saving/Using Google Maps

    I also use Irfanview for that. Alt+ PrtScrn will give you the same thing as just PrtScrn with Google maps. With Irfanview the crop tool is always active. Just drag a box around whatever you want to crop and then Ctrl+Y or Edit > Crop Selection. Irfanview is free at and is a...
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    Solved: autoplay problem

    Plug the camera in and make sure it is on and set up to transfer per the camera instructions. Start > Computer. The camera should be listed as a removable device. Right click on it and you should be able to set the autoplay to do whatever you want when you plug it in. I don't have Vista, but...
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    Cyber-shot not powering on

    I have bought aftermarket backup batteries for every camera I've owned and never found them to be less capable than the factory batteries. For a 4 year old camera that you aren't sure works I think the set with 2 batteries, a charger and card reader would be a better choice for $20 (+shipping)...