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  • Hey you still breathing? I haven't had time to post or help too much in the last year or more.
    Loche! How the heck are ya?! Long time no hear. Sorry to hear about your work status. Do you do contract/consulting work for Access or Excel? If so I can hook you up with a guy and get work pretty easily. He always has a steady flow. Let me know if you want his contact info. He's a great guy and very fair. I've done work for him and am doing training for him now.

    And since the twins we haven't had anymore. You do know about the twins, right?
    thanks, tried to find out if this happened to other people when installing ofice 2000 but it seems not so will try your way if I can find it again. Thanks anyway. biolucky
    Good answer on your post 8/25. You quoted some of my favorites sites. I also like Access and database stuff. Hate statistics though. I think of it more as 'show the people what my employer want them to know'. No offense. It can be a great talent.
    Hi Slurpee55, good way to change the screen, and yes it does work. Only problem is that the white writing on black is the only way the user can read the screen. Any other suggestions please?
    Hey man,

    I wanted to thank you for all of your help with my database inquiries. You've been a real help to me. Sorry to tell you so late, I've been busy with my transfer to Australia.
    re forecasting in excel, i tried your advise and did not use linest, and was able to create a chart.

    would you let know what to do so that instead of just a chart, i can show the forecast by giving out the numbers.. like income or expenses.

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