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    Removed Vista but Need to Reinstall it

    I disagree, and skirting the rules of this forum I'd like to say why: David there are torrents and other types of files for just about every version of each operating system distributed on the internet, but it can be dangerous, tough and even illegal to download and use these. But it is fair...
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    Can connect to wifi but cannot access internet

    If you can get into the admin interface on the router try changing to just Wireless G mode, rather than the default mixed BGN found almost as a standard now. I've had this issue on a few routers, but with not quite the same symptoms, we could ping the router... Also to run your commands in an...
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    So so so so so many problems!

    99% its malware, a virus or something else wrecking/commandeering your system. 1% chance you have a very odd permissions issue taking place or other operating system corruption. Was this a slow process or an overnight change? Sounds like quite the array of issues taking place! Please provide...
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    Continuous Lighting Setup

    Fabric is best, and the more power/lumens you can get out of any solid and appropriately colored lighting for your money the better. Short-term you can sometimes get away with whiter shop lights from a hardware store, otherwise LEDs are a good bet but a little pricey.
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    HTML Email Shopping Card Help

    Zelixsis, 1) What do you mean by item? Is this just a contact form basically? E-Commerce application? 2) Are you wanting to learn to do this (and web coding in general), or do you just want/need it done as a DIY project? You may need/want to hire someone to do this properly, trust me. Anyways...
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    Solved: Used MP3 play help

    Dear ckh62, If your computer is seeing the device, saying that over 1GB is used but showing no files my initial guess would be that the files are hidden. Depending on your operating system: 1) While exploring the folder(s) on the player (and this assumes you are using Windows Explorer...
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    ~1 mile WiFi links

    Hello! My background as an engineer with HP for Procurve Mobility wireless products has granted me a healthy understanding of WiFi radio capabilities, and I've used amps from RFLINX with Wifi Plus antennas to get better results/coverage. At this juncture however I find myself unable to find...
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    Limited connectivity on vistas

    What exactly is an AT&T USB Wireless connection? USB =/= wireless :) Was this a USB adapter plugged into your laptop to allow you to connect to wireless networks? Something that will help as well: 1) Go to Start > Run (or use Windows key + R) 2) Type 'ncpa.cpl' and hit Enter (or click OK) 3)...
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    file type

    Uh... we'll need more info to help you fully with this. For starters what is your intent? Are you hosting a web server for private or public access? A development server? The simple answer is to change your default program for the files you are looking to access. To find out what types of...
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    cheap 90 dollar netbooks

    What exactly are you asking? By my understanding you have the netbook, and just want to wipe it completely clean with a fresh Operating System (OS). If this is the case you will likely need to purchase a license and CD (prob Windows 7 Starter edition) which will cost about what you paid for...
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    Solved: Removing a duplicate of windows operating system

    I think we all need some more information here, so I would like to ask a few questions: 1. Is your primary (original) Windows install still infected? If so, and if you can still access it, you may have better luck removing the malware using that section of these forums. 2. When you installed...
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    Solved: Quotation marks in Open Office

    You can try this: Let us know if it works, I don't currently run OOO on my rig so I can't test it myself, sorry! - Phil
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    Trying to beef up Wireless connection

    Any chance you can post a screenshot of what you are talking about? TerryNet is absolutely correct... Also your best bet is to use a range extender closer to the area you want better signal, chances are the Belkin radio isn't too much better than your existing device. You may even be able to...
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    Problem with winsock provider catalog

    Hello, Per : Simply try these steps: 1) Windows key + R (same as Start > Run...) 2) Type 'cmd' to open the command prompt and hit Enter or click 'OK' (should launch a black window with a blinking cursor) 3) Type 'netsh winsock reset' and hit Enter...