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    Custom Paper Size for Epson LQ-590

    And so it did. Thanks for the info. I hope Epson itself has a solution.
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    Wireless connection (A dumb question...)

    I hope this isn't a breach of ettiquette, tacking on my questions to this one ... Wireless networking is a new experience for me too. I'd like to adapt my current workstation to receive signals from a wireless router but I'm not sure if an external wireless network adapter or a wireless...
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    Custom Paper Size for Epson LQ-590

    Printing labels is what I was interested in as well. We'd like to get the tractor setting to be set to accept those labels by default. We're trying to get the Avery 4010 but we're having problems getting the printer to not scroll 11 inches after printing a label. Just so I understand you...
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    Custom Paper Size for Epson LQ-590

    Skietx, I'd be VERY interested to know what your workaround was. I can not get the form that I defined on in the Server Properties to show up in the Paper Size drop down in the Printing Preferences window.