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    Solved troubleshooting on a system

    I don't get any results for my country "We have found 0 items that match " I may though, have found another..
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    Solved troubleshooting on a system

    It's seems rather though to get by an LGA 1155, that I brought back in 2013 to last! (as any?) It ran like a charm still, no clue why it ain't working... I ain't really got a solid soulution for this hardware problem, so I'm going to be a bit moody these next months as I'm going to need...
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    Solved troubleshooting on a system

    Hey, I normally get my own IT working but stuck at the moment.. My suspicion is that the motherboard is broke, it's just an Asus Gene V which is a quality board... I had it working earlier before moving the hardware to a new tower, I haven't touched the setup of it all, but when I try to boot it...
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    Solved CPU Upgrade

    Here you find a list over the supported CPUs for your motherboard. (and the required bios version for each)
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    Windows 10/7 dual boot - Windows 7 won't start

    Have you tried using MS config? (windows key > msconfig) - This is a tool to config windows boot parameters If you can't see both drives when you have the config you want, then the problem may lie elsewhere.
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    The video has failed to process (YouTube)

    Have you tried another portal, like vimeo?
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    Cannot open files in portable hard drive
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    realtek mic not working

    What OS are you using? Have you checked audio controls?
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    no o_O
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    Solved Wifi Extender things

    It's only a lucky break for you, that you found that hotspot connected to the wifi. You could try accessing the router, but you're properly without luck. As I understand it, you want to connect an extender to the network, yes? - it will need some kind of access, and if you don't have that then...
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    unable to install microsoft flight simulator on windows 10

    Does it come with a CD-key? / tried redeeming it on steam? I think that your second dvd is damaged..
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    Hopping I can save my Hard Drive

    I don't know if this is a soulution, but have you tried analysing it's level of defragmentation? There's also two different pieces of software if you look up "folder size" on google (one for win10, one for win7 and win10)
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    The video has failed to process (YouTube)

    You could try converting it into another format supported by youtube.
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    unable to install microsoft flight simulator on windows 10

    Which version of MFS do you have installed?
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    microsoft word

    if you have an outlook or hotmail, you get word free with it, mind that it's in a brower version.