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Nov 19, 2014
Dec 16, 2006
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Nov 19, 2014
    1. CrazyComputerMan
      Pokes, love to bug you :D :D
    2. Blackmirror
      i am still here in thought lol
      but in my mind im am with Spock
      peace and love kid xxx
    3. katonca
      MATT!! It's been awhile. Sorry about the job situation. I always hated not knowing from one day to the next what to expect. My job ended abruptly one day. I could see writing on the wall but hey what can you do?

      My grand babies are awesome. I spend a great deal of time with my grand daughter. I told my daughter-in-law I want 2 more just like her. She rolled her eyes and laughed. Everything else is well.

      Hope your summer was fun...see ya. :)
    4. katonca
      Hey Matt!! What's going on?
    5. Blackmirror
      where are you cyberson xxx
    6. grandma77
      Wow, will pray about your job situation. Hope whatever skills you are learning that they could possibly be used in finding a new job. About six months before you think your job will end start looking for another one...put in applications at places then and just see if something comes up that you would really like.
      Things are about the same here right now, we are waiting for the date where our daughter goes before a disability judge to determine whether they will give it to her or not. This has been so long and drawn out...we know the governments purpose in this is to weed out people who really are not disabled...but it is so hard on people who truly are cause they can lose everything waiting for help. Our daughter would have already gone under if she didn't have help from those of us in the family. Take care and hope you had a good summer...can't believe it is almost over. Ours has been very very hot and dry. Talk more Later...Grandma
    7. katonca
      Hey bud, so glad to hear from you. It's been since Christmas just about.

      Sorry to hear about your job. Loosing a job can be a life changing event for sure, hopefully it'll be for the best and you'll land a better job quickly. Glad to hear you're keeping the websites going....that's exciting.

      Things are well here for the most part. Having to cope with stress is not always a bad thing I guess.

      My boys are doing good. My youngest is coming home with his wife this month. They'll be here for 2 weeks. Maybe we'll do some fishing. My oldest is raising my grand daughter. She's so great. Very kind.

      Hope all is well with you and your family. I often wonder how you're doing.

      Take care
    8. Blackmirror
      Nice to hear you are keeping busy xx
    9. CrazyComputerMan
      NON-gayly HUGS :D
    10. grandma77
      Thanks a lot for letting me know all is well. My daughter is in the process of getting disability. She is still very sick but doing ok. She has had 10 surgeries for a MRSA infection since mid July. I am doing ok from my eye surgeries. Now glasses help a lot with the correction from the surgeries.

      Hope things are going well for you. I don't get on here like I use to. Been busy with my daughter and her family being. Also mother in law had a very complicated surgery this fall that we have been dealing with.

      I see you said you are working with your father and hope that is going well. You are growing up and hope your life is blessed in all you do.

    11. Blackmirror
      its all over now lol
    12. CrazyComputerMan
      Cos you havent visit this forum agesss! I put it there around summertime lol
    13. Blackmirror
      We are going to have bread pullit this year
      stick a piece bread in the middle of the table and all pull it lol
    14. katonca
      Hey bro, it is really great to hear from you again. I'm doing well. Just got back into my state. I was visiting my son for a bit. Hope you have time to celebrate the holidays. Merry Christmas.
    15. CrazyComputerMan
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