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May 22, 2005
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Male, from Pittsburgh PA USA

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May 13, 2016
    1. Verimeilee
      Hi, I saw your posts about SyncBackFree and wanted to ask if you could help with a question I have about it.

      In your posts you suggest creating two profiles with the same folder structure on both except for the drive letter, so that when the backup runs it will only copy new files and files that have changed, and if a file on the PC is deleted it will be deleted on the external drive as well.
      My questions is, is there a way to do this without deleting the files on the external drive if I have deleted them on the PC?
      I want to have all my stuff on the hard drive so that I can store on the PC only the files I'm using at the moment, I want the backup to copy and update the files from my PC onto my external drive but without deleting anything in the process.

      I'm sorry if it sound confusing.

      I thank youin advance for any help you can give me.
    2. GremlinBitten
      Not asking for help, just thanks for your attention:

      You misapprehend what I need. A graphical representation is NOT what I needed, so yes, Windows does NOT have what I need, and I am familiar with Karen's DP. Someone needs to reverse engineer it to take out the inconsistent output in the text version of her trees, laborious to clean up with search & replace. Presently, my need is best served by pointing Firefox at a directory and saving the page (learned this when I learned Linux). Face it: I have to procure a commercial application, PAY for it.
    3. bymyselfalone
      I saw your posts on the Mpeg4 to mp3 thread and thought your finagling of the terms of service was brilliant!! You couldn't (or didn't want to)help them explicitly break the law, but you did help them find a way around it. (I thought that was cool)
    4. BulletProof1
      I saw Jimi Hendrix at Cafe Wah in (Greenwich Vlg.) NY. No one knew Jimi then. Cafe Wah was open 24 hours a day w/bands playing all the time. I had table in front of stage (right in front of Jimi's amp). ....One of reasons I don't hear so gud I knew Jimi was going to be great when I heard him play that nite.
    5. mayer009

      A friend of mine is looking for a section moderator + support team member for his computer help forums.

      Are you interested? Please let me know.

    6. odeeen
      i need compatible DVD decoder
    7. lukauskis
    8. physics forever
      physics forever
      hi do u like physics?
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