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    I Need To Know

    Does anybody Know Either how to build spamming software or where i can find some spamming programs on the internet?:D
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    I just heard from a friend of mine that we can still persue the windows nt4 exams & still get the mcse certification! Is this true?:D :D :D
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    THE MCSE Stuff I just heard about

    Hey guy's, what's up! Hey guess what, I just heard that we can still go for our NT 4.0 Certification and be recognized as MCSE's, Is this true?:) :) :)
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    who can tell me about the MFC

    Thanks A whole lot Eddie. I really appreciate the help.....not to forget the quick response time! You must really know your stuff. say, I have your e-mail so that if i have to get stumped again (which i almost definately will) i can e-mail you. p.s. thanks again man! PEACE;) ;) ;)
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    who can tell me about the MFC

    hi everybody, sorry to disturb you all to ask you a silly question, i've been trying to use visual c++ 6, and i just need to know what mfc stands for and what it's purpose is. (i'm kinda new to this whole thing).
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    Really Easy Computer Question.

    Hi Guy's.....What's Up! This Is Steve Here With A bit of a silly question. you see, I just got back into computers, and One of the projects i'm going to need to master is software developement in the visual C++ environment. Now All I really need to know is the definition and PURPOSE of...