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Mar 3, 2018
    1. bifolddoorsltd
      Hello there i understand u r interested bi fold doors so call me on 07955488404 im a bifold fitter type in on ebay bi fold folding sliding Patio installation Doors for more info barry
    2. joydeeptutan
      Hello Boss!!! I am new here and gone through ur posts. Actually I also do have the same query. I am aslo into System Administration where about 100 Desktops / Laptops will be running in next 3 months (now about 20 are running). Here also I can see 'Net Bios User Name' for 2/3 machines, rest are n/a.

      Another problem I am facing is that here about 8 Laptops are connected to teh Server running Windows Server 2008 but looking at '[email protected]' I can see only 1/2 Laptops. Moreoever, I have turned off windows firewall on the Laptops but Quick Heal Pro Firewall is installed, please help me how can I see the Laptops via '[email protected]'.
    3. BeckRebecca
      Did you get the next message on not finding any options that limit viewing?
    4. jamin727
      Thank You for the grat advice I am a little closer to getting this solved. I retreived the model directly from the mother board it is a MS-6570. I also found a website and downloaded the free drivers. When I attempted to install them the computer did not see them.
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