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    Solved New to PC gaming and I have some Questions

    Welcome to TSG! (y) If you don't know something ask, that is why we are here. Someone around here will likely know. 1: You can update whenever it asks, but they can cause problems, so it is just something you need to be ready for. It may get fixed in days or you might need to roll back to an...
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    World of Warcraft on a laptop

    Welcome to TSG! :up: Also of note, WoW is free, kinda. Free to play up to lvl 20, any characters you may have over that will be locked and inaccessible. You can install it and even log in without paying for anything just to see how it runs on your system. See if you can get a playable speed...
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    Solved P4C Turtle Beach Headset PC Setup

    Welcome to TSG! :up: Is it solved? If you found a solution could you post what you did, it may help someone else in the future.
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    Saints Row The Third Discs Problem

    I haven't found anything specific, but often two disc set editions do require both to be installed. You can try just installing disc one, or explore the content of the disc see if there is a stand alone installer for SR3. Can you find a reason disc 2 isn't working? If you can explore the...
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    Gaming, Xbox one and router setup

    Odd behavior for sure. It sounds like input lag from the XBox to the TV. A friend of mine has an issue that sounds very similar when he forgets to put his TV in game mode. I know you said your TV is in game mode, just wondering if it is working right. Or maybe you have a bad HDMI cable. Have...
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    Gaming, Xbox one and router setup

    I said that because I have one TV that remembers settings for separate HDMI channels. So just asking you check your settings while on the HDMI channel you use for XBox. And what kind of lag are you getting on the dashboard? Slow loading of items or are things jumping/shuddering? Also, is...
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    Gaming, Xbox one and router setup

    Lags on the dashboard? Can you clarify that a little. Do offline games lag/skip? If the XBox itself is "skipping" or having a display problem it may be your TV. The video output of the XBox needs to match what your TV can handle. If you have a 1080p TV then set the XB1 to 1080p. Does your TV...
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    Solved Fallout 4 Bug - Friendly ghouls Super skinny

    So, without that wall mount Mod everything ghoul wise is normal? Have you tried only the wall mount mod? If so then there is a bug in how that mod interacts with the game. You can let the creator of the mod know, maybe they can fix it. If alone and no problem then you could also try adjusting...
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    Solved Fallout 4 Bug - Friendly ghouls Super skinny

    No character mods but do you use any mods at all? I use mods on XBox 1 and have noticed some can cause issues not even related to what the mod claims to change. If you have any mods, just try disabling them one by one, restart the game each time, see if anything changes. Also on a PC there is...
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    Gaming PC Has Become SLOW

    Only because it was an auto enabled feature, but some people turn off automated tasks. So yes, it is still important, windows just does it for you by default now. (unless you disabled it) Back on topic... Hmm, didn't like or use windows essentials, I disabled it and went with Avast free. So I...
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    Gaming PC Has Become SLOW

    OK, double check the options for your virus scanners, just to make sure something wasn't altered after an update. The passive one is still passive and see if the active one has a game mode and it is enabled. A fragmented game could have slower load times causing "lag" yes. Don't think it would...
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    Gaming PC Has Become SLOW

    -Dust? -Heat? -Chance the PSU is failing -Chance the GPU is failing -Bad drivers? -Two virus scanners conflicting? (both trying to actively scan a file the game needs) I've heard having two at the same time can cause performance problems, and they often auto update and change things you may not...
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    Can't Open .EXE files? Please HELP!

    Welcome to TSG! :up: So from my googling these are Minecraft mod launchers? I tried modding minecraft long ago and would run into a few problems that may help explain yours. First, the mod launchers are usually fan built and can be very buggy and may not work on all systems. You need to...
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    300kbps DL speed on 50mbps connection on my new PS4

    I don't know my way around routers too well but have you tried the simple things first.... turn off all the connected devices you can, ipad, TV's other consoles etc. unplug the modem and router. let sit for maybe 30seconds to 1 min., plug in modem first (if separate) wait for the lights to go...
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    gta mod problem

    Welcome to TSG! :up: OK, 2 things. 1: is the mod in question made for the PS3? I mean it is not just a mod for GTA V, but it needs to be made for a specific system. A GTA V PC mod will not work on any console such as PS3. (Most consoles can not be modded without some hack/mods of the system...