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    my dvd has taken 7 hours to burn

    Do you get error messages when you try to burn something? The drive could be bad. Windows turns off dma access to drives if there are read errors. Does it read discs? Tried another blank disc? Tried a different burner program? If none of that helps I would replace it, dvd burners are pretty...
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    my dvd has taken 7 hours to burn

    I couldn't get your link to come up, but if I've got it right you are trying to burn a large .avi file, and you are getting messages from the system that you have DMA turned off to the DVD burner? Try this article to see how to turn on DMA for the drive. Having a drive in PIO mode could slow...
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    Kodak Easy Share

    I would suggest reinstalling the software (you can download it from the net if you don't have the disks for it) or better yet download and install Picasa, (free) it does everything that Easy Share does
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    dell laptop display

    I would guess you dont have the right xp drivers installed, or you need to change the screen resolution. Right click on the desktop, go to properties, and change the display to at least 16 bit color. You might also need to change the amount of memory allocated to the video in the bios, this...
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    Chronic Freezing Problem - XP Home SP2

    Could be a bad graphics card, safe mode loads a different video driver than regular mode. Try reinstalling or updating the card drivers. If the bios setup has a pc health or similar tab, check the cpu temperature. You could have a failing fan. Other possibilities: bad power supply, something...
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    Very Unstable Computer after Reformating XP Pro

    You need to make sure you have the exact drivers for your video card, there are tons of models and driver revisions, and it is easy to get one that is almost right but will cause problems, particularly with games. You also might want to make sure you have all the latest system updates, latest...
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    Solved: CD Burner Problems

    Cd burners are pretty generic, any one you buy should work fine. Burners do go bad in the way you describe, but you might try a few things before you give up on it: -try a different cd burner software -try removing the drive from device manager and let windows redetect it If it still fails...
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    drivers not being reconised

    Windows is not that good at finding the drivers, sometimes you have to point it to the correct directory, and sometimes there is an install program that comes with the device and you have to use that. Look on the disc that comes with the device for a readme file or a setup.exe or install.exe file
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    Outlook express wont open

    It is possible that one or more of your OE folders has a corrupted file, and it is stalling when it tries to open it. The folders are stored in .dbx files there are lots of utilities for repairing or recovering these files. I would take the advice above to go through a webmail client, and...
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    Fax Solutions

    You can do it over the net, see below, or you can use a modem along with your cable, they should not interfere with each other. This is also a good use for an older computer, modem and printer - hook it up and use it for faxes. There are also tons of multifunction printers that can copy, fax and...
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    Monitor not supported

    I would guess you have specified a resolution or refresh rate that your monitor or video card can't handle. Reboot and press the F8 key during startup to get the boot menu, then go into safe mode. From there you can go into display properties and change whatever you did
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    New Build Freezes 40-150 sec after boot

    Good catch on the fan, I doubt I would have noticed that, I just look to see if they are spinning. Amazing how the $2 parts can bring all that fancy hardware to a halt. 90 degrees should not have hurt the chip, but I would keep it in mind if it has further problems.
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    New Build Freezes 40-150 sec after boot

    Some possibilities: -bad RAM chip, minimize or try other known good memory if you can -bad video card or poorly seated vid card, try a different one if possible -hard drive issues, I would disconnect the hard drive and try to boot from the cd -as Scorpion says, minimize to eliminate possible...
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    Blue Screen Believed to be Nic issue.

    All I can think of is some sort of conflict with the router. You might look at the manufacturer's web site to see if there is a firmware upgrade for it, or any known incompatibilities
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    WinZip uninstall??

    Winzip is probably gone, but the files on your computer with a .zip extension are still associated with winzip. Run you new unzipper program, it should be able to read the .zip files and may give an option to make the association change. If it doesn't, just right click on the .zip file, pick...