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Oct 9, 2013
    1. alookachaloo
      I Tacoman i have seen ur post for the following Question:
      Call of Duty 2 CD problem
      Simply, when I try to run single player on CoD2, I get this error message:

      "Please insert the correct CD/DVD-ROM, select OK and restart application"

      I own a legit copy of the game, and disk one (the playing disk out of all 6 installation disks) is in the drive of my laptop. I don't think this is a vista or a computer specs issue. For the specs on my laptop goes way beyond the requirements and I've already set the game running on "XP compatibility" and with "Administrator Privileges".

      From what I've looked up so far there seems to be no clear solution to this problem, and it occurs on a XP OS as well.

      Would you guys mind helping me out? Much thanks.

      Could you please give me the link to download patch ,
      my email address is [email protected]

      many thanks
    2. gavel70
      having a hard time with this new format. I have signed in my husband so he can get used to this website but I have used it before as crystal clear.
    3. gavel70
    4. gavel70
      tacoman359, I installed the old version of adobe 7 again and I cant find your message again. do I ewstart now or restart after trying to uninstall it again?
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