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    how much should i sell my computer for and where ?

    ive just finished building my new computer and i want to sell it -apevia discovery case with 4 blue led fans -amd athlon x2 dual core 6000+ (3.0ghz it is overclockable to like 3.47 or higher) -2 gigs of ram -200 gigs of hd -evga geforce 7300 gs 256mb video card -asus m2n-sli nvidia...
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    where to sell my desktop besides ebay

    where can i sell my desktop without selling it on ebay.
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    i cant find a power supply for my dell c521 slimline which is only 4.25 inches wide

    I ve been looking and looking for a 350 watt psu that would fit my dell c521(slimline) and i havent had any luck. My dell is only 4.25 inches wide and i was wondering if there is a psu that could fit in it or an external power supply that would have at least 300 watts of power. And I kind of...