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    win 10 safe mode

    Boy I tell you. If it's not one thing , it's two others. It was suggested I disconnect from the internet and put my pc in safe mode which I did Now I cannot get out of safe mode . Rebooting does not do it. I tried the cmd prompt using the suggested command, and that did nothing. Now being...
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    Installing windows 10

    I was able to download free windows 10 on my desktop that had win 7. Now Will I be able to make a clean windows 10 install instead of a restore ??
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    In Progress message not understood

    Received a message on my desktop pc that I don't understand and scares me. I am sending you this message from my Mac laptop. Desktop has windows 10. I was using Microsoft Edge The message is from Microsoft Edge Title. Windows Secuarity, Microsoft Edge . The server is asking...
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    I just restored ny desktop pc back to factory condition. Now when I reboot , the screen goes black with only the Asus name. I did try to shut down and reboot several times. That did not work , so I gave up, then lo and behold it comes up again, but only after 5 minutes or more.
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    log on

    Don,t know what I did, but it come back to life
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    log on

    Unable too logon. Just restored pc to original factory condition and wanted to have password to open . Established password. It was approved. So Shut down pc and rebooted. Asus logo appears and nothing else. Mouse will not work. Cannot bring up desktop. Why ??
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    computer ports

    Just bought a new Asus desktop and find computer and find that I do not have enough ports for all my hardware. Is a port hub the answer or does this cause more problems such as over heating etc ??
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    When I go to read my gmail , I read it then I X it out and another gmail page shows up with same email. I X that one out and another appears with the same email again. I do that until they are all gone. How do I solve this ??
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    Want to downlad a web site that is blocked by Malware

    Need to exclude web site from Malware to be able to download it. It asks for a Domain and an IP address. The site is I tried using that and it did not work. What is the proper name to ue ??
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    loading ligtroom2 failed

    Have Mac computer OS X YOSEMITE VERSION 10.10.3 Lightroom loaded part way then stopped. Could not any way to eject disk. The disk kept clicking and a rotating circle kept on rotating in the lower center of the screen . Screen is blank and black . Cannot restart computer Tech Support Guy System...
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    viewing flash card on mac

    Cannot find a way to view pics on flash card. Folder appears on top right of monitor. I double click it to open. Files appear but will not open . Somewhere it says "Locked " . Sure don't have that problem in Windows pc.
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    how to reply to answered post

    I posted a question and got a reply to send more info. I do not see where link is to reply. I open up my gmail , read it then close it. Another page opens up and it is the same gmail page as the one I just closed. It seems like I have duplicates of my gmail page. How do I delete the exztra ones ??
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    Solved gmail multiple

    I seem to have more than one gmail page. How do I delete the extra ones