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  • Thanks for this site Mike. I just recently decided to turn a 15 year hobby into a small business and am very happy some very smart people turned me on to this site. Great advise from smart people, good combo!
    Hey techguy I noticed you're from PA?? I am too. I was wondering if you might know of any places up here in PAwhere one could get a used or partially non functioning laptop dirt cheap??
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    I'm also from PA. Its nice to know that there are people, especially the tech guy are from my area!! My people!! :)
    Oh well. I change the image and notes that it is pixelated as well. Is this just a bug in the new UI? No biggie! Just curious.
    You were asking about Christmas gadgets.

    This one has been making the rounds. I'm not sure it's for me as I would probably lose interest in less than an hour, I'd be more into business gadgets not games. But some people might find this alot of fun especially if you have a cat (dog might chew it to bits). No apparent practical use unless you were building a maze like puzzle.

    Sphero 2.0 Robotic Ball - iOS and Android Remote Controlled Gaming System
    A good practical Youtube review

    A couple of other web reviews

    Jim (HOBOcs)
    HOBO Computer Services
    Awe!! Look at you all grown up, married and with a baby. Hard to believe it's been almost 13 years since I found this place! Lookin good!!
    Are there any video clips on DIY computer work available. I have found some useful video clips on but man I tell ya what that guy gouged his finger while opening the computer cabinet and I had to watch even more to see what else he might accomplish while trying to install some RAM, I would much rather view such videos to a trusted site ( TSG ) where there is a lot more know-how techies out there with great knowledge. I would have deleted that scene at the beginning of that youtube clip if I were that guy, Thanks for your time, Tim
    Follow-up Solar Panel discussion we had last week - what is the wattage of each of your solar panels you are using?
    How are you able to read the effeiciency of each panel? I know each has its own mirco inverter .. but how is that connectect to the computer to be able to read individual panels (assume it is in the software and there must be some id on each microinverter.

    FYI - I was out in Farm country this weekend and there were tons of farms with their own grids (6x5) panels. and has me thinking of putting a small project together.

    Maybe we should skype for a better discussion at some point. I'm really interested in trying something out.
    I have lots of questions ... like can you completely disconnect from the grid and run, how many batteries...I could go on.
    Jim the HOBO (HOBOcs)
    Just to let you know, when i came online I got a pop up from offering to do a survey for a prize. Don't know if this was legit or not.
    I am pleased to be able to show support for this forum, by inserting one of your link backs in the "Friends" Section of my website (, but would suggest that you would include a target="blank_" in the link, so as not to take the visitor away from the link back site completely...
    Do you make TechGuy for Dummies? My girlfriend needs one as she usually lost and keep posting in wrong thread *doh*. Maybe i will teach her.
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