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    unable to install microsoft flight simulator on windows 10

    Does the same thing happen on another computer too?
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    Need more space

    You could try uninstalling any old versions of windows you may have... it would help if you could provide us with your computer stats.
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    When I Click anything Blue Circle Constantly Turns

    Have you recently downloaded any new programs?
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    No Display

    A similar problem happened to me. I have an Asus and was told it was probably the power supply. I ordered a new charger and nothing happened. I started to play around with it and found a solution. I needed to update the display drivers (believe it or not).
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    Windows 10 takes 10 minutes to boot up on my dual boot PC

    In simple words: This process may be too much for your computer to handle. What is your RAM?
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    Why increasing max ram harm my PC?

    Absolutely not! Your computer should have been set to that setting already. That interests me on why it was changed.