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    Pet Peeves - air 'em out! (#2)

    ^Yes. Ugh, ew. And another not of agreement to people who don't respond when you IM them. It's irritating. lol I pretty much obsessively make up away messages when I get up, so it's difficult to understand those who don't. But generally if someone doesn't respond after five minutes I just let...
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    Pet Peeves - air 'em out! (#2)

    That's exactly why my best friends are my best friends, and that's what I love about all of them. :) Just one of them in particular doesn't get along well at all with most people, and they rip her up. It's horrible to watch. :(
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    Pet Peeves - air 'em out! (#2)

    Just cause a person is "weird" doesn't mean they have to be the subject of a legend or subject to crap from everyone else in existence. I wish people would treat my friends better, or at least one in particular. :(
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    Pet Peeves - air 'em out! (#2)

    lol :D
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    Pet Peeves - air 'em out! (#2)

    Grammar peeves today. Not necessarily when people screw grammar up, but when they screw it up on immortalized, expensive, not-easily-changeable things. Like school sports t-shirts and sweatshirts. One of our teams has these shirts and sweatshirts. The back says something about playing well...
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    Dating, Courting, and Related Issues.

    Jonas, I don't really have any good, specific, detailed advice for ya. However, I will pitch in my two cents: Dating is a dance, not a database. The good news is that almost anyone can learn how to dance. :)
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    NFL (Actual Football) 2007 Thread

    Here we go Steelers, here we go! Big Ben looks like he's back in the game, after the not-so-amazing season last year. Willie Parker's been getting me good things in fantasy, and their defense is far from bad. I actually had the opportunity to see one of their preseason games live, which they...
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    Happy Birthday AcaCandy

    Happy Late Birthday Candy, whenever ya get back. :)
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    Solved: Quote of the Day

    "A rose by any other name would likely be 'deadly thorn-bearing assault vegetation.'" - Robert Bullock
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    Colin Mcrae killed in helicopter crash

    When I first read that I thought it said "Colin Mochrie killed in helicopter crash." lol Sad news either way... :( RIP
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY tengeekgrrl

    Thanks again everyone... :D
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY tengeekgrrl

    Oh my gosh.... I so didn't expect this! It's been ages since i've been on...... THANK YOU ALL so much :D :D :)
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    William's Updates

    William... whether you're reading this or not, I just want you to know that I'm still so very sorry. If you're reading the site, all this saturation of things dedicated to your mother's memory might be a little overwhelming, for I'm sure it would overwhelm me. Any kind of loss in the family is...
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    Catastrophe: Bridge Collapses

    That scares the living daylights out of me. Personally, my absolute worst nightmare is to be in a car on a collapsing highway bridge... even since I was a little kid. Watching it happen in real life, even somewhere else, is just horrifying. It's so sad... I wish the best for surviving...