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  • Hello are you and how is Buster? I came on here briefly on December 1st and saw my birthday message....thank you :) I meant to come earlier, but have had one or two health scares since December and so have been a tad preoccupied. I was thinking about you and Buster earlier and it actually crossed my mind that you might be on facebook......are you ?
    thanks for being so faithful in making the birthday threads....hope you have a happy and healthy New Year!!
    Hello Telecom 69,about my posting actually someone redirected my post to the forum you had seen it in.Everything in my msconfig. is ticked & it is set in normal settings.I had disabled something on accident in msconfig. & restarted my computer.When I had turned my computer back on I could not access internet explorer or do a system restore.A lot of the options under the services tabs in msconfig. had also disappeared.Thank you for your message.

    Need a favor please.

    On this thread:

    Do you know him well? Me and a few of his friends from other forums are real concerned about him since it looks like he dropped off the face of the planet.

    Graham Kell (steam) was a good friend of mine and I being to fear that something really bad has happened to him. He and I worked the malware forum at for about 4 years . (We both got fired over a year ago because of a personality conflict)

    If you have seen him anywhere could tell him that are people worried about him.

    Thanks for time and Nice to meet you :)

    Gary Clark
    Thank you. However, I tried that, and enabled all of the listed Add-ons, turned off IE and turned IE back on. All of the Add-ons were still in the Enabled mode, but I still got the message on the IE information bar and on the page that all Add-ons were Disabled. When I attempted to got out to Microsoft Updates, I could not becasue I could not obtain the Active X Control; Odd issue.
    If you see my birthday coming on, could you allow Hannab to make birthday thread for me? I know you make birthday threads for other people. Thank so much!
    Thanks for your feedback-I think I really already knew the answer-buy a new TV Its just that the current tv is built into a huge wall cabinet and so buying a new one would require a total redesign. Guess when I get tired of the blue line, I will get off my butt and do it.
    Thanks again
    It's a pleasure telecom69, I remember you commented on some of my photos last year, I haven't been to the potting shed forum, will have to take a look. I keep pretty much to myself on here but I do enjoy reading lots of different topics.
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