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    DOS command to read user path

    Hello try with %USERNAME% or directly (better) with HOMEPATH=\Documents and Settings\mauri (%HOMEPATH%) and HOMEDRIVE=C: (%HOMEDRIVE%). This are suggest to change in many installation (like roaming profile). Ciao Maurizio
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    Running Batch file before startup

    Hello, I think that you CAN'T delete it for the logged user while still in use. You can delete it for other users (not logged). Try with safe mode (or command console) if really need to delete it. Ciao Maurizio
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    Solved: creative sb live not getting installed

    did you try it? Saluti Maurizio
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    Asus CUV4X motherboard questions

    Hello, why you are still using old OS? 2 year a go I installed win2k and I resolved a lot of problem similyr to you. I suggest to you to install at least win2k or windows XP (maybe you need to update your BIOS after XP installation). Ciao Maurizio
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    computer shuts off

    Hi, I resolved this issue for my PC with the flash of the last B E T A BIOS, you will find it on ASUS homepage Ciao Maurizio
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    how much HD mem does my motherboard support?

    With the last beta BIOS i'm currently use a seagate 120 GB, maybe I will try with a 160 GB soon. Ciao Maurizio
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    Samba and XP-Home

    Hello, try to look on samba packages there are some registry prepared key that can help you. Search them with: find / -name "*.reg" Good success... Ciao Maurizio
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    Hi, as sayd from the collegue prior me, you should download an of the latest linux images first. Second you should free at least 8 GB of disk place, try to leave windows on the first part of the disk else you will maybe incounter problems. Third during the install a boot loader (I suggest...
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    Solved: ESS Allegro PCI Audio (WMD) sound problems

    This halp me a lot of times... Ciao Maurizio
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    Asus CUV4X power led flash at power-on

    Yes, I also hate flashing BIOS but my WinXP start to randomly shutdown and a ACPI Incompatible address was loggent into event viewer. I had success with my second computer few day before. Grazie
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    Asus CUV4X power led flash at power-on

    :confused: Asus CUV4X power led flash at power-on I recently do a BIOS update (with failed flash verification) and I am trying to rescue my system. Now the system HW power-on (no video image) and the power-led blink. I'm parallel looking for a (new) programmed ASUS EEPROM but is hard...