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    Vista Home Premium 32 bit v6.0 (service pack 2 build 6002)

    Transcripts of error messages etc.:

    Error messages - loads of them e.g.

    Steve Carter.scr – Bad Image N.B. The file name in the top bar varies – sometimes a dll, sometimes an exe. I didn’t make note of the various names

    C:\PROGRA~1\Google\GOOGLE~1\GOEC62~1.DLL is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support


    Abstract from AVG Virus Vault Report:-

    Trojan horse Crypt.AQNT – C:\Users\clive\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\pop.wanadoo.d94\Inbox\00294823-0000080B.eml Stored on 23/02/2012 at 11:00:08


    Abstract from System Restore list of restore points:-

    22/02/2012 23:08:26 Install Installed Google SketchUp 8

    N.B. System Restore to 22/02/2012 appears to have stopped the error reports
    I've encountered the GOEC62~1.DLL error on which you seem to be the "resident expert" - thought at first it might be a virus problem.

    I seem to have stopped the error messages by doing a system restore to before installation of Google Sketchup on 22/02/2012.

    AVG found a Trojan Crypt.AQNT when it scanned on 23 Feb so somewhat "cloudy" as to possible cause. I've even wondered about "Leap Day Bugs"

    I want to reinstall Google Sketchup - any advice would be most sincerely appreciated.
    Hi Jerry...

    Can the 2 script files be modified, that you wrote for me - the *.bat renaming file, and the *.vbs 'hyperlink' insertion file, so that they'll work in a Linux environment?

    The .vbs script has MS-Word operations written into it, so the new script would have OpenOffice operations for the equivalent...

    Or would they have to be completely re-written?

    If they can be modified, and not re-written, point me first in the direction of info to do this myself? Algebra was my strength in math here.

    Hope Santa was good to ya', and New Years' too...
    ChuckB / TRS
    Reason I ask.. My monitor seems to be very bright and the monitor settings aren't very helpful. Or it depends on this vc. Perhaps it's too old to have that function. I kinda believe that. But figure I give it a shot to ask.
    Me again! I am looking for some reliable anitvirus for my windows 98. If anyone would know it would be you. thanks, vicki
    I am struggling to connect my Virtual machine in VMWare (RHEL) from another machine or even from Cygwin. I want to do ssh/scp to the virtual machine using the Virtual machines ip address. Please help me out in that.
    me too, i guess. sorry to take so long, but it looked like i wasn't going to get my problem solved. still looks that way!
    Hi, I'm just fresh caught at this site so u are my first friend if you accept. I'm kind of flying false colors as "Kattiebrie" is my Irish wife's nick name. My name is Tommy but I generally go by Buffalo as in Buffalo Bill Cody whom I resemble and dress in the late 1800's type clothes.
    Well let me know
    see ya!
    Can you help me with my problem lol I posted and no one has replied... it is the question titled 64bit or in here?
    I have to thank you soooo much for your "Append to end of line" post! I had a *massive* file (315 pages) I needed to turn into a *.csv file. I was trying to write a program in C++ to accomplish this, but it kept turning into a mess because of the way the file was formatted. Your .bat script did in two seconds what I have been trying to do for three days in C++! Again, thank you so much! ^_^
    Oh ok, sounds kind of similar to how i learned windows, just had my first computer which was win98se on a 200MhZ desktop and was tinkering with that, then received a 600MhZ machine sporting windows 2k and that i really tore into in terms of hardware, and got a chance to tear apart a modern windows machine and just had an interest that kept going. So here i am now. Been drifiting from it a bit this summer but im still in it and probably will go back soon.
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