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    Kasperski's Scanner, I have Grisoft's AVG, Spybot and Ad-Aware, as well as a Kerio Firewall. All Freeware. Caught several viruses in the process of attacking, never lost a single thing.
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    Email received Is this a virus???

    The bank stuff is most likely phishing attempts. Looks like someone got ahold of your e-mail address, and sold it on phishing and spam lists. Who're you using for your ISP?
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    Email received Is this a virus???

    A. Never download anything from e-mails. B. If you are told to update, do not follow links from e-mails. Go to the Windows site directly. So you might as well hop onto, and see if there are actual updates to download. I'd expect this to be Malware or a Virus, though.
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    Need help in keeping system cool

    If you have a spot, get a frontal fan, and install it into one of the CD drives that aren't being used, as well as a rear fan. Those things can make a serious difference. Make sure that there's no loose wiring clogging up the system, (cords blocking the airflow, etc.).
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    Cleaning Touchpad

    I know these things are sensitive, would there be anything that would be a horrible idea for me to be using to clean the crud that sometimes builds up on my laptop's touchpad?
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    Boot up problem

    I'll try that right when I get home. Thank you.
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    Boot up problem

    I've had this computer for about six years now, continually upgrading it as I've gone along. I just added a new power supply, and about two weeks afterwards something new is happening. When I try and start up my computer, current goes through the machine, fans will start up and I'll hear...
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    PC to TV S-Video converter

    Hi y'all, my brother is depending on me to come through for him once again. He wants to hook his computer up to his TV so that he can use the TV as like a second monitor. Watch movies, play games, etc. The problem is, he's a college student. I've been looking around at converters, and they...
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    ITunes and Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra

    The problem with iTunes, (from what I know about it), is the fact that they use a whole different format from what other MP3 players use, the M4A, or whatever it is. My Zen won't recognize the songs that I had ripped off of CDs in that format, because it didn't read them as music files.
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    ITunes and Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra

    I found that you could (rather unconventially, I was just tooling around at the moment) just drag and drop from ITunes into the actual "Nomad Explorer" in My Computer. Due to my 2000 + songs still on ITunes, I decided that this would be the easiest way.
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    ITunes and Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra

    Ok, so the problem is, I'm running Win2000, and wish to connect my new and unused Nomad Jukebox to my ITunes playlists. iTunes isn't recognizing the MP3 player. I know this is probably a trivial answer, but I've tried to find the answer elsewhere, to no avail. MP3 players aren't my forte, the...
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    DVD/CDRW drive not recognizing audio CDs

    Gee, I remember back a few months ago, there were quite a few Hardware savvy people in here. Further updates - It doesn't recognize data/installation CDs either.
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    DVD/CDRW drive not recognizing audio CDs

    Well... the title tells the story, here's the details. I have a HP ze4805us running Windows XP. Troubleshooter shows the device is working properly, (has anyone ever seen it saying that there IS a problem?). I came up for the day, and the first thing I try and do is block myself off from...
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    processe & services description I think you mean something like this, right?
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    If I download a new IE what about my e-mails?

    At least go through the Microsoft website to get IE. Why do you need to re-install IE?