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  • hi avg is still a problem also i cannot install malwarebytes can you help me with that i can run superspy that found nothing
    im new to this forum i hope this is the right way to do it
    thnk metagot9
    Hi Cody, about the Bit Torrent, a few years ago I was using it to download music files from a place called Frostwire, but hadn't used it since. Then last week I was trying to download Linux OS Peppermint 6 thru the torrent option since they mentioned it would download quicker thru a torrent. Well they never completed so I abandoned that attempt and downloaded thru the normal channel. Now, after running all this stuf we did, I have files for each abandoned attempt on my descktop along with a Bit Torrent folder of downloaded music of which all are identified as incomplete and none of these files will allow me to remove them to the recycle bin, each shows the same message that the file is being used or shared and to close all files related before attempting to remove. How do I get rid of these?
    Hi Cody, as you suggested I started a new thread titled "Suspected Malware" in the malware section. Any and all help is greatly appreciated(I can't say that enough times). Thanks, Albert Roldan
    Hey Cody
    I have received help from you before, hope you can help this time. I have xp with essentials and firewall. I have a small lan with two pc and two printers attached to each pc via usb. My problem is I cnnnot print on the other pc printer and vis versa. Please check my post under Hullraiser. Thanks for your help in advance

    i fixed the issue by changing ram chips but after a week it has gone back to shutting down randomly i ran seatools it said it passed
    Hi Shooter, I realize this is a difficult situation, but we really need help. IT is not allowed to help us/kathy
    On the subject of malware removal. The only thing I ever have to say about that is that Widows includes a "malicious software removal tool", that Windows Updates updates all the time, but you have to use it by typing "MRT" in the "run" box. Is that against the rules? Technically, this is what Microsoft advises, not me, it's a feature of Windows 7. It happens to be one of my pet peeves, I only recently found out how to use that, and I don't know how many times I watched Windows Updates update the damn thing, assuming it just did whatever it was supposed to by itself. It works, and won't screw up your system, for what that is worth.
    I tried to send yu a private message, how ever if you get this one I cant download eith SPk1 or SPk 2
    I'll see if this attachment can be opened here.
    Computer Setup Internet.doc if not, it should open on the general Tech website. Thanks. Midser Hi Again:

    My husband has decided that he doesn't want his "wires" changed as he might buy another computer and so wants them left the way they are BUT I had bought a router at an auction a few months ago and am wondering if I would be able to attach it to my computer. Of course, there is no disk or instructions. It is a Linksys Wireless-B 2.4 GHz Broadband Router. I will try to attach a diagram of my computer setup. Here goes to try.

    Didn't work for me. I will try to post it in the original forum. In case that doesn't work:-

    Internet ----Junction Box----Phone/Modem----Computer

    Thanks for your patience!
    Sorry I couldn't get back sooner and I noticed that if it was over 48 hours to send a private message here. I have posted my reply in the thread but will copy it here now. Thanks.

    Hi Folks:

    So sorry to be so late in replying but I so appreciate all your replies. The wee diagram at the end is helpful. I need to try to draw the way it's set up here as my husband has a phone attached to it as well (it's in the garage), so is differently set up. I will see if I can send a sketch with the way it's set up as it could be the phone that is messing things up. By the way, this phone is not working now either as it was coming through the computer as well.

    I've never sent an attachment before, but I see a line saying "Attachments" so when I get over there to draw the sketch with the way our router is set up, I will try to send it through an attachment.

    Thanks again.
    Hello Shooter, you were helping me resolve a computer issue yesterday and I was called to attend an event until late yesterday. Is it still possible to continue tracking down the problem that I am encountering on my computer.

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