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    Laptop upgradable?

    I have a Samsung NP305E7A-A02US that can be seen here: I don't usually use this for gaming, but did try a new game's benchmark test against it and get just over 2K (rated Standard) at the standard laptop setting which is really slow...
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    Texting to groups

    Sorry, I knew I didn't give enough detail. I send a weekly text message to our team reminding them of our game time. Our team is in flux right now, we are adding / dropping people as it happens. The iPhone itself will allow me to create a text message and send it out to multiple people...
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    Texting to groups

    Hi. I am looking for an iPhone app to use to send weekly messages to a group of people, in this case, my softball team. I have tried several different apps, but they are either clunky or don't work. Any suggestions?
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    Running Panda and Malware Bytes causes PC to reboot. Virus?

    Hi. Have a friends PC to try and clean it up. Have tried running both Panda Online and Malware Bytes in Safe Mode and they both cause the machine to reboot. They have a lot of junk tool bars on here, but not sure if there is something malicious. Please let me know. HJT log...
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    Had enough, reformatting next

    My system, especially web browsing is inconsistent. I have posted here multiple times from my work laptop as I can not seem to post here. Same problem or ridiculously slow activity on a couple other sites. If anyone can take a look at this log and find something great. If not, I fear it...
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    Outlook unresponsive

    I also tried renaming my old PST file and then creating a new data file. That didn't work either. Email downloads, but Outlook freezes when I try to open an email. I have also created a thread in the email forum. If someone could verify that my HJT log is clear, then this thread can be...
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    Unable to post on TSG

    I have been having issues on my personal PC where I am unable to make a post here. I have tried from both Firefox and Explorer but to no avail. If I try to post and click the submit button, the little timing indicator scrolls across for a couple seconds and then a blank page comes up that...
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    MS Outlook 97 hangs...

    Have a problem that just started today. When I start MS Outlook 97 to check my mail, Outlook starts up, checks and receives new mail fine. But when I double click on an email to read it, the hour glass pops up and Outlook freezes. I have let it sit as long as 2 hours and Task Manager still shows...
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    Outlook unresponsive

    I know y'all are busy, so I tried uninstalling Office 97 and then reinstalling it. That did not resolve the issue.
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    Outlook unresponsive

    When I open Outlook 97, and then open an email, Outlook is hanging, CPU sounds like it is going nuts, etc. That just started this morning. I also am unable to make a post to this site using Firefox or Explorer. Does there seem to be anything in my HJT log? Logfile of Trend Micro...
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    Slow Firefox homepage load and then errors when posting here

    Thanks Cyber, I will give that a try, but that doesn't explain why I am unable to post on TSG from my home PC. I either get the error from my orginal email or a blank screen. I have to post responses using my work laptop.
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    Slow Firefox homepage load and then errors when posting here

    Will be posting a new HJT log soon. Running Panda Online to see if it finds anything.