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  • Hi Throoper.
    First it seems I have the wrong mail address for you as my mail bounced. (Can't say I blame you :)
    I have a problem with the card reader on my pc and wondered if you could help. It managed to load a series of pictures from one card to Picasa but now seems incapable of seeing SD cards at all.
    I thought of finding new drivers for it but have no idea what card reader it is. It came with the case which is a Cooler Master Silencio 550 Mid Tower Chassis. The M/board is a P8Z68-Pro.
    Can you suggest where I look for drivers or for the make of the Reader? Any light you can throw would mean less darkness.
    Sorry to be a pain and I am grateful as always.
    HI throoper,
    I had posted a thread - Why are Add-on Buttons along with the Toolbar keep disappearing in the Firefox4,5&9? - and you had answered that.Thank you very much for that.

    You had suggested that - Are ALL the buttons you're placing on the custom toolbar from Add-ons?
    Does the toolbar disappear from the View>Toolbar list and the icons go back to the customize window?

    If both of those are Yes, try putting one or more of the default buttons (History, cut copy paste, etc.) on the toolbar in addition to the Add-on buttons. - Well I tried doing that and it didn't work.This particular problem exists in all the Browsers based on Firefox latest version(Pale Moon,Cometbird,Wyzo,Epic etc). I think unless the Mozilla guys fix this problem it's not going to be solved.
    Hi Throoper - you have been so helpful to me, and occasionally I need to go back and re-read your wise words some months later! You introduced me to a little program for Outlook Express called Mail Viewer, which works fantastically.

    I am doing some spring cleaning on my OE, and I am moving a lot of messages into an archive - that I can quickly view using Mail Viewer. Anyway, in a lot of the folders I have moved there are messages that appear to disappear - and there is a note at the bottom under File Properties that says: x messages truncated due to zero size.

    What is this all about then and am I losing messages? :) Thanks again for your help!
    I cant type too many words apparently--so had to delete this not THAT long explanation of my problem not being able to send emails. Please Tom will you chekout my latest thread--I'd forgot I could contact you here and just asked the mod there to contact you for me. Hope to see you soon
    Just wanted to let you know I'm not a novice with computers. Been in love with computers for 20 years and started in DOS, dBase and Quick Basic. Hardware is logical to me and I've rebuilt and built computers from scratch, but programming is another can of worms. Many steps are not covered in the "Help" files.
    Really appreciate your input and help.
    Patsyann (alias - mothernature)
    hey, just registered to say thanks for a post i read of urs....

    had alot of trouble with an .exe file i saved to my desktop.... i was trying to send someone a .exe file but converted to .txt first as gmail has a restriction on .exe's.

    i was testing it to see if it works so sent the email to myself changed .txt back to .exe.... clearly doesnt work... oops :)

    so, thanks for the help...

    p.s. i dont suppose you know how to send someone a .exefile if they dont have a compiler?
    on outlook express i get the error message 0x800ccc60. within the error message it says 'Gpop ready for requests from i think i have the account details correctly entered and i can receive mail but ot send should i solve this?
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